Smart Molding International 4-2021

moldmaking 29 mechanism, and European customers pay for the ordered products only after receiving the goods and after checking their quality. In times of crisis Pandemic year of 2020 was a real challenge for the manufacturing sector. Nevertheless, EuroDetal functioned all the year without downtimes, providing all necessary security measures con - cerning the employees' safety. This was achieved due to compliance with strict regulations, which allowed preventing the spread of coronavirus infection. At the beginning of 2021, there is a crisis in the industry, associated with rising prices for rolled metal products. It has hit the mechanical processing sector much harder than COVID-19. By mid-2021, metal prices in Russia have doubled! In spite of this, EuroDetal hasn't made a commensurate increase in product prices. Instead the compa - ny practices a very delicate approach to solving the problem: metal con - sumption of each product was calcu - lated and then it was considered, what technological changes needed to be introduced, in order to ensure the produc - tion of parts at a lower cost without reducing the quality level. The company has even sacrificed its profits working on the brink of profitabil - ity. These measures made it possible to ensure there was only a small increase in cost for the customers. EuroDetal is a reliable partner for Eu - ropean customers — the fact proven for decades. EuroDetal's principles of work are as follows: 1. High quality 2. Good delivery performance 3. Competitive pricing EuroDetal will be glad to see you among the partners! EuroDetal • Normalized plates for molds and dies • Special treatment (manufacturing customized parts on the basis of client's drawings and 3D models ) Saratov Region best exporter in 2015, 2018 and 2020 Russian Exporter certificate holder Made in Russia mark of excellence owner 100 Best Russian products competition awardee and diploma winner Annual Leader 2020 certificate holder EuroDetal Ltd. Burovaya str. 26, Saratov, 410086, Russia eurodetal.saratov eurodetalsaratov High quality Good delivery performance Competitive pricing Our achievements Dimitri Eressko Senior Export and Import Specialist +7 (8452) 39-85-47