Smart Molding International 4-2022

6 smart_molding international 4/2022 newsfeed Un d e r t h e mo t t o “ I t ’s a l l WITTMANN”, the WITTMANN Group showed at this year’s K fair its novel- ties in the areas of injection molding machines and process technologies, as well as robots and auxiliary appli- ances, to a broad international public for the first time in the new, uniform WITTMANN design. The main focus of the program lay on exhibits presenting impressive evidence of the company’s contribution to circular economy, digi- tization and climate protection. From the first to the last day of the fair, WITTMANN enjoyed an enormous amount of public interest in its exhib - its at both of its trade fair booths, and also at the shared booth in the VDMA Circular Economy Forum. Rainer Weingraber, Managing Di- rector of WITTMANN BATTENFELD, comments: “The K 2022 was a com- plete success. The response of the public to our exhibits was excellent. In the area of machines, special inter- est was shown in our trade fair high- light, an EcoPower driven by direct current from solar energy, and in the options for processing alternative materials which we demonstrated on several exhibits.” Michael Wittmann, CEO of the WITTMANN Group, expresses great satisfaction with the results of the fair as well: “At this K fair we were also able to present to visitors numerous novelties in all areas of auxiliaries and automation, and we were impressed by the response from interested par- ties. We can say without reservation that this year’s K fair was a complete success for the entire WITTMANN Group.” WITTMANN Group K 2022 – a complete success for the WITTMANN Group WITTMANN Technology booth (all photos: WITTMANN Group) ErgoRobot – Primus 14, driven by muscle power WITTMANN BATTENFELD booth