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02. - 06. October 2017
Barcelona, Spain
17. - 21. October 2017
Friedrichshafen, Germany
24. - 26. October 2017
Munich, Germany
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Your Injection Molding Bulletin in the Age of Smart Machine

The hottest news, case studies, reviews and much more for keeping abreast of automation advances in injection molding of plastics — in one place.

Today, injection molding has become smart molding. The XXI-century plastic processors cannot take the liberty of sticking to standard options and not following the latest innovations. You have to be smart enough to keep your production smart — that is, optimized, flawless and efficient.

As simple as the term may sound, smart molding is multifaceted. It implies intelligent process monitoring and control, automation technology, equipment networking, use of sophisticated additives, and much more. Keeping in memory scattered pieces of new information you get from various sources proves hard. That is why we at smart_molding have set our minds on catering to mold industry professionals by gathering all the pertinent news and studies in one concise issue.

Our online magazine brings together the freshest news from smart technology suppliers, provides deeper insights into smart molding topics with dedicated case studies, surveys and analytic articles, and posts videos illustrating the benefits of smart equipment. Left-column tags let our readers browse through their preferred topics with ease, while the ‘Most Read’ section is self-explanatory.

By subscribing to our newsletter, you can be confident not to miss a single piece in the jigsaw of modern industrial expertize.Subscribe, and you will be weekly updated on topics such as standard and specialty resins, thermoplastics, additives, compounding, hot runners, multicomponent molding and overmolding, In-Mold Labeling and In-Mold Design, 3D technology, packaging, measurement and inspection, data processing, robotics, networking of machines, cost management and many others!

Our readership comprises managers, engineers and operators of processing companies looking for opportunities to cut their costs while enhancing the performance and networking of their machine fleet. We will be happy to collaborate with suppliers who share the passion for state-of-the-art technology developed with particular needs of both processors and end customers in mind. Do not hesitate asking us about the sponsor service package we propose.

If our magazine had to choose a motto, that would be “For the mutual benefit of smart molding sector players.” We at smart_molding believe in synergies we bring for injection mold makers and users, machinery/tooling manufacturers and processors in various industries alike. Visit our website or subscribe to our weekly bulletin, and you will never miss out! Instead, you will capitalize up on all the latest trends in smart molding.

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