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Knowhow slashes energy consumption with Moretto tech

Source: EPPM
Сase studies

TH Plastics was called in to help precision-moulded plastic component manufacturer and packaging firm Maxell Moulding Service to relocate and improve its operations.

Maxell appointed TH Plastics to relocate its Telford factory in spring of 2015 and to design, test, install and maintain a bespoke ancillary solution that would facilitate a rise in operational efficiency and a reduction in energy consumption.

TH Plastics installed a brand new, energy efficient Moretto cooling system with new water pipework feeds throughout the plant. The new solution integrated existing hopper loaders with new Moretto One Wire material handling controls and pipework, allowing for a reduction in the number of dryers, thus providing further energy consumption benefits.

The introduction of the new solution contributed greatly towards a 40 per cent reduction in energy consumption across the entire site.

TH Plastics refined Maxell's existing ancillary solution, designing a new line that negated the need for operatives to move from one side of the production floor to the other, allowing the more efficient use of human resource.

Throughout the project, TH Plastics took on the role of principal contractor, liaising with and supervising all sub-contractors, enabling Maxell to deal only with them, helping to ensure consistency and smooth project delivery.

Head of Production at Maxell Sam Shagauchi said: "I approached TH Plastics regarding this contract because I was aware of its ability to create bespoke, efficient solutions.

"It was a complex project, during which downtime had to be at an absolute minimum, so we benefitted from the fact that TH's technical engineers were always on hand, working over weekends and at Christmas; in the end, we experienced only 28 hours' downtime per machine, which was far lower than we had expected."

Managing Director of TH Plastics Lee Thomas added: "This was a sophisticated job and our team of technical engineers rose to the challenge, working in partnership with Maxell from concept to delivery."

While working in partnership with preferred manufacturers, Derbyshire-based TH Plastics maintains a vendor agnostic status, developing for customers bespoke ancillary solutions designed to integrate seamlessly into existing systems, facilitating maximum efficiency and minimising costs and waste while enhancing product quality.

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