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23. - 26.  January  2018
Moscow, Russia
07. - 12. February 2018
Gandhinagar, India
04. - 06. March        2018
Guangzhou, China
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ARBURG Plastic Freeforming will be part of formnext 2016

News 24.08.2016

Single and two-component item innovations

Visitors of the formnext show this year will have the possibility to familiarize themselves with three solutions ARBURG offers in the field of freeforming. The company will put on display their innovations for the manufacture of one- or two-component items, confirming once again the wide scope of freeformer use in additive manufacturing. ARBURG constantly develops its system from the practical point of view, focusing on process stability and granulate standardizing. A new option is a dryer for the material, controlled jointly with the other equipment. In addition, the upgraded discharge system requires maintenance much more rarely than before.

APF enables processing a wide material range

The ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (APF) technology supports the use of certified cheap granulates. First, melt is obtained in the cylinder similarly to injection molding. Then, droplets of melt are deposited layerwise onto a mobile item carrier through the tip of the fixed discharge module, built upon a HF piezo technology. The droplets are bound together as long as they cool. This allows for an easy creation of 3D parts of specified design. In fact, a standard freeformer has not a single discharge module but a pair of them, which is useful for producing custom items with particular specifications such as multicolor, special hand properties or varied softness. The maximum item size guaranteed by the machine is 154×134×230 mm.

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