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16. - 20. October 2018
Friedrichshafen, Germany
13. - 16. November 2018
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
05. - 07. December 2018
Plastic Japan
Chiba, Japan
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Negri Bossi exhibited all electric LSR machine at Plastpol

News 14.06.2017


Negri Bossi, through their agent NTQ, showcased two very exciting machine applications occupying a 250m² floor area.
An all-electric 180 ton machine from the new ele series was running a unique foam microcellular molding process, producing a complete ping pong bat.


The 180-630 machine was injecting the body in a PBT material from the main 45mm plasticising unit, while a vertical electric injection unit was feeding a soft TPE handle. One of the bat faces was moulded in a foamed LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) to produce the ‘spongier’ side of the bat. The firmer face was in a standard LSR material. The LSR materials were injected directly into the mold from a dosing unit system equipped with a special process for producing the foam microcellular moulding material.

The moldings were handled by a 6 axis Robot supplied by Negri Bossi Group company, Sytrama. The mold was manufactured by Esistampi s.r.l.

The second Negri Bossi machine was a 250 ton Canbio st servo hydraulic model, molding a four-cavity 300cc polystyrene drinking glass. The machine was equipped with two 3-Axis Sytrama robots. The mold was manufactured by New Tresing Stampi s.r.l. A model S9 removed the moldings from the machine. A second S10 model took the glasses from the S9 and filled them with juice to demonstrate the accuracy and stability of the robots.


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