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Industry 4.0 award for ARBURG

News 16.06.2017

arburg award industry 4.0

On 22 May 2017, ARBURG was honoured with the "100 Centres of Industry 4.0 Excellence in Baden-Württemberg" award. This award was initiated by the "Industry 4.0 Alliance for Baden-Württemberg" network initiative to honour special achievements in the Industry 4.0 sector.

ARBURG receives award for innovative strength
Katrin Schütz pointed to ARBURG as a perfect example of a company that has distinguished itself for decades through its innovative strength and, thanks to its 30 years of experience in IT-networked production, counts among the pioneers in the implementation of "Industry 4.0".

ARBURG received the award in the "New Software/Networking Solutions" and "New Production Process" categories for its demonstration of "flexible high-volume production of single-unit batches".

"The production of 'smart' luggage tags offers impressive proof of how ARBURG products can be used to implement Industry 4.0 in practice, customising high-volume parts in batch sizes down to a single unit and thereby adding value during the manufacturing process," said Katrin Schütz, describing ARBURG's outstanding innovative strength.

100 Centres of Industry 4.0 Excellence in Baden-Württemberg
In the context of the competition, innovative concepts from industry that have succeeded in the intelligent networking of production and value-added processes are honoured. In addition to the degree of innovation, the panel of experts also evaluates the specific practical relevance for Industry 4.0.

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