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New Asahi Kasei plant to be constructed in China

News 10.10.2017

Asahi Kasei Co., Ltd, a Chinese subsidiary of Asahi Kasei Corp will construct a new plant to manufacture plastic compounds in Changshu, Jiangsu, China. The product mix of this industrial site will include Synthetic resin containing glass fiber, flame retardants, and other additives providing additional performance characteristics.

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Automobile production in China reached a record high in 2016, and is projected to continue to rise substantially. As plastic compounds enable vehicle weight to be reduced by substituting for metal parts, further impetus for demand growth is driven by heightening environmental awareness and tightening environmental regulations.

Asahi Kasei is advancing a strategic global expansion plan for its engineering plastics business in the Material sector centered on automotive applications. The company currently has plastic compounds manufacturing and sales facilities in Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore, the United States, Mexico, and Germany. The new plant in Changshu will reinforce Asahi Kasei’s ability to ensure stable supply to meet both growing demand and heightening customer requirements in China, as part of an ongoing effort to enhance its global supply capability.

Asahi Kasei will continue to examine additional avenues for the further optimization of their plastic compounds manufacturing network in China, including the possibility of toll compounding.

About Asahi Kasei
Asahi Kasei Corporation is a global chemical company with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Among its products are chemicals, pharmaceuticals, construction materials and electronic components.

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