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Innovative desktop injection moulding machine

Innovative desktop injection moulding machine


The BOY XXS is a development from BOY – an injection moulding machine designed in modern desktop construction with well-proven technology and all the merits of our larger machines.



The BOY XXS facilitates optimal automation solutions from granules right up to the finished and packaged moulded part. The benefit for you: cost effectiveness combined with a supreme level of precision. The cantilevered clamping unit allows better accessibility and automation.

The BOY XXS is not equipped as common with this size injection moulding machines with a plunger type injection but with a reciprocating plasticizing screw with diameters from 8 to 18 mm working after the „first in first out“ principal and with specific injection pressures up to 2.750 bar. The intelligent design is ideally suited for the requirements of micro injection moulding.

A 8 mm plasticizing unit assures shortest residence times – a great advantage for considerate processing of temperature-sensitive materials. The highly demanding production process with the 8 mm screw - which must always be considered in detail from application to application - requires the attention / compliance of the process-relevant injection moulding parameters.

The innovative and multi-patented Procan ALPHA®4 control provides for absolute precision and repeatability with easy operability.

BOY's well-established, cantilevered two-platen clamping system reduces the space requirement to a minimum. The two diagonally arranged tie bars provide optimal access to the plasticizing unit, mould area, and ejector. The mould fixing platens are specially designed to fit standard bolsters plate systems of most of the well known bolster manufacturers for micro moulds.

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Micro Mould for the BOYS XXS

Sprue and removal pickers integrated under the safety gate (Option)


The BOY XXS desktop machine can boast the following features:

- The machine design features the best ergonomics and efficient operation.
- The ejector chute (optional), open on three sides, guarantees optimum removal of the moulded parts.
- Easy handling and flexibility with regard to additional equipment due to the cantilevered clamping system.
- Optimum control technology with intuitive operation concept.
- Mobile table with floor cupboard (optional).

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