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25. - 28. August 2021
Seoul, Korea
14. - 18. September 2021
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21. - 23. September 2021
Kielce, Poland
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ENGEL e-speed series expanded

Powerful, dynamic, sustainable: Designed for continuous high performance in the packaging industry, ENGEL e-speed injection  moulding machines are the most energy efficient and clean hybrid machines in the market. The new e-speed 280/70 with a  clamping force of 2800 kN is equipped with an interactive IML (in-mould-labelling) solution, which ENGEL is implementing in  cooperation with partners Brink and Verstraete in mould labels. The new size sees ENGEL further optimise its particularly  economical hybrid machine.

Simplifying plastic recycling for a sustainable future

Orkla worked with the experts at Verstraete IML to introduce Digimarc barcodes into the packaging of one of their most  prominent products. These interactive IML labels open the door to new and improved recycling streams. It makes plastics easy  to scan, which means automatic sorting is much more accurate. Moving to a circular economy will see plastic waste greatly  reduced through effective recycling systems. But achieving this goal requires a shift in focus: plastics need to be designed to be recycled, right from the get-go.

HolyGrail2.0: moving to the next stage with Arburg

The digital watermarks are codes the size of postage stamps which are applied directly to the surface of a product or to its  label but are not visible to end users and consumers. The individual tile patterns are created through micro-topological  variations in the carrier material and multiplied to create a graph which resembles a mosaic. They create a “digital passport” of  which a fragment is enough to call up information about the manufacturer, for example, or about the materials processed and  whether or not the packaging is suitable for food.

Super high-flow TPEs enable sustainable solutions for large scale mouldings

TPE materials are already widely used in automotive interiors, for example in mats, grips and sealings. However, until recently,  thermoplastic elastomers have not been viable for large scale trim because these applications have much higher specifications  regarding abrasion behaviour, processability and heat resistance. The new Dryflex HiF TPE grades fulfil these  requirements and are injection mouldable, making them an interesting alternative to PU coating, PVC slush moulding or TPO foil processes.

The world’s first carbon fiber smartphone, developed in Germany

A smartphone that sets new standards for lightness, slim design and sustainability is making its debut on the market this  spring: the Carbon 1 MK II from Carbon Mobile. "Designed and engineered in Germany, the Carbon 1 MK II reignites  miniaturization and drives sustainability in connected devices by replacing plastics and aluminum with advanced composite  materials for the first time", says Firas Khalifeh, CEO of Carbon Mobile. The base material for the production of the housing is a  thermoplastic composite from the LANXESS Tepex dynalite product range.



newsfeed 06
New investment to strengthen expertise and electric drives portfolio 06
KraussMaffei sells KraussMaffei Austria to Luger GmbH 06
New subsidiary founded in Prague 07
New management to head Barnes Molding Solutions 08
ENGEL founds company for pre-owned machines 08
Nordson appoints Jesus Crespo as vice president 09
WINTEC starts distribution in Europe 09
WITTMANN is looking ahead with optimism 10
Stratasys acquires RPS, provider of best-in-class stereolithography 3D printers 10
ZAHORANSKY Group acquires dialysis division of FLG Medizintechnik GmbH 11
IMSE™ technology reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 35%, plastics use up to 75% 12
Longer lifespan due to clamped toggle pins 13
Metallic IML means Milegrin seafood preserves look as good as they taste 13
D-Bushing – the ultimate generation of gate bushing 14
HRSflow’s servo-driven hot runner system convinces customers 14
Optimism in plastics and rubber machinery industry continues in 2021 15
IML & IMD 16
Bavarian Innovation Prize for Leonhard Kurz 16
Simplifying plastic recycling for a sustainable future 17
HolyGrail2.0: moving to the next stage with Arburg 18
Campetella's real Open House 18
SalzburgMilch offers a reusable option to single-use plastic lids 20
ENGEL e-speed series expanded 22
machinery 24
EasyPick, the smart toothpick 26
WITTMANN BATTENFELD reorganizes its sales network 27
molds and tooling 28
RockWell forms new window well product line with Commercial Molds 28
molding technology 30
Husky introduces the UltraShotTM Injection System 32
The winning combination to keep the injection process under control 33
3D printing 34
Development of highly innovative 3D printing technologies 34
materials 35
New Ultramid® Advanced grades for low-weight and high-performance parts 36
Advancing green credentials amidst shift to electric power 36
Future cars need new materials today 38
Super high-flow TPEs enable sustainable solutions for large scale mouldings 40
Covestro develops modular innovative design for future vehicle lighting concept 40
Expanded line of KyronMAX® structural thermoplastic compounds 42
Medical devices with TPE’s soft-touch advantage 42
The world’s first carbon fiber smartphone, developed in Germany 44

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