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11. - 13. August 2020
Guangzhou, China
06. - 08. October 2020
Kielce, Poland
29. - 31. October 2020
Parma, Italy
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Language: English.
Circulation: digital readership 5.500.

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North America (24,1%), Central and South America (14,9%), Western Europe (23,6%), Eastern Europe (15,7%), Asia (19,6%), other countries (2,1%).

Molding International 1-2020

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For even gentler plasticising

In-situ polymerisation opens up great opportunities in the production of fibre-reinforced plastic components with a  hermoplastic polyamide matrix. The decisive factor for processing efficiency and product quality is the reactive unit developed  by ENGEL specifically for the preparation and injection of ε Caprolactam. ENGEL has systematically further optimised its  solution with a new, smaller size.

Easier decisions in mold design using virtual molding

SIGMASOFT ® provides a variety of methods to forecast the shrinkage and warpage of plastic parts. Along with this, one can  also simulate the deformation of inserts or core pins during filling. SIGMA simulates and compares the deformation of core  pins made of two different mold materials under equal process conditions. The calculations are based on the imbalanced melt  flow inside the cavity and the mechanical properties of the two materials.

Yizumi novelties based on trends in automotive and urban mobility

The pressure to reduce emissions and the wish of people concerning mobility leads to new concepts in automotive. Talking  about electric cars, e-scooter or other ways for urban transports, light weight design is one of the most important headlines.  The look and feel of thereby used polymers have to have a perfect surface and high-quality design. From these statements the  importance of the future topics are related for the plastics machinery industry: lightweight design, combination technology, plastics Industry 4.0, 3D printing.

NETSTAL ELION: faster than ever

A substantial optimization of the dry-cycle time of NETSTAL ELION series models was achieved by making an adjustment to  the clamping unit controller. The output can be increased even more in series production use.



newsfeed 08
Both, BOY XS and BOY XXS offer 50% more plasticizing volume 08
To focus entirely on hot runner business 08
WITTMANN and FarragTech now under one roof 08
New products for hot runner and control systems 09
New materials being optimized for the latest sintering platform 10
Adiprene prepolymers offer new possibilities in 3D printing 10
Eugen Hehl receives award for lifetime achievement 11
Mastip opens new subsidiary in Vietnam 11
VMAP project: software standard to boost efficiency in product development 12
Milacron collaborates with Nexus to demonstrate precise LSR capabilities for Roboshot 12
3D printing 14
AON3D launches the AON-M2 2020 industrial 3D printer 14
NewPro3D and Henkel: unique 3D printing solution in the medical sector 16
machinery 18
For even gentler plasticising 18
mold design 20
Easier decisions in mold design using virtual molding 20
technology 22
Yizumi novelties based on trends in automotive and urban mobility 22
NETSTAL ELION: faster than ever 25

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