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Milacron attended Plastimagen 2019 in Mexico City

Milacron attended Plastimagen 2019 in Mexico City


Milacron Holdings Corp. (NYSE: MCRN), a leading industrial technology company serving the plastics processing industry, exhibited at Plastimagen 2019, in Mexico City, Mexico. The Plastimagen show was running from April 2-5th at the Centro Citibanamex. Milacron was displaying a curated selection of their industry-leading injection molding machine technologies, extrusion systems, and tooling, Mold-Masters hot runners and control systems as well as the vast DME catalog of mold components and industrial supplies.

Milacron Offers Latin America Unmatched Selection of Plastics Processing Technologies and Aftermarket Services
Milacron’s Latin American headquarters are located in Queretaro, Mexico, 140 miles northwest of Mexico City. The Milacron Mexico facility is 32,300 square feet and is the heart of Milacron’s Latin American operations. The Milacron Mexico facility houses Milacron injection and extrusion technologies, DME’s mold component and industrial supplies offerings and Mold-Masters hot runner and control systems.

It stocks approximately $4 million in spare parts to ensure prompt service to those in the region. In recent years, Milacron has also focused on sales and support of extrusion and blow molding machinery and have seen impressive results.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Milacron Director, Latin America recently commented, “Milacron and our portfolio of product brands, Mold-Masters, and DME are well known in Mexico and Latin American markets but what some customers and prospective customers may not be aware of is our ability to offer unmatched aftermarket services either at their locations via our large field service teams or back at our state of the art facility with our in-house equipment.” Gonzalez added, “Milacron ensures our customers’ success by offering Latin America’s most comprehensive post-sales services. Whether it’s an injection machine retrofit or rebuild, spare or replacement parts for an extrusion machine or a complete Mold-Masters hot runner system refurbishment we can do it all locally, cost-effectively and on time.”

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Milacron Technologies featured In the Booth:
On display at the Milacron booth were technologies from Milacron’s industry-leading product brands including Milacron injection and extrusion, Mold-Masters hot runners and control systems and DME mold components and industrial supplies.

Below is an overview of what visitors could see from Milacron at Plastimagen 2019.

Milacron Injection Molding Machine Technologies

All-Electric FANUC Roboshot 150 with an All-Electric Mold-Masters E-Multi Secondary Injection Unit
For over 35 years Milacron has proudly sold and serviced the ever reliable and precise all-electric Roboshot machines across the Americas and has sold over 8,000 FANUC machines over that time. Milacron continues to take great pride in the relationship and at NPE last year announced the availability of the largest tonnage Roboshot machine ever offered in the Americas – The Roboshot 500. Loyal Roboshot customers in the Americas have been asking for the opportunity to get into a large Roboshot machine, and the wait is over. The new Roboshot 500 has an increased tonnage option of up to 550 US tons (558 metric tonnes) and is great for larger molds with tie bar spacing of 36.2 inches (91.94 cm). The new larger machine doesn’t sacrifice any of the Roboshot standard strengths such as industry-leading reliability, precise process control, high-speed injection and consistent repeatability. The Roboshot is the perfect solution for clean rooms and other molding environments.

The Roboshot was equipped with the Mold-Masters all-electric E-Multi secondary injection unit. Mold-Masters all-electric E-Multi easily and economically converts existing injection molding machine equipment to enable multi-shot and multi-material molding, expanding operations potential. The proven E-Multi platform is fully compatible with any injection molding machine and the ideal solution for precision molding applications in any industry. The E-Multi has over 2,000 standard possible configurations available ensuring the E-Multi is perfectly sized to applications’ exact requirements. The E-Multi is now available with LSR capabilities. The E-Multi LSR utilizes the proven E-Multi platform for precision LSR molding applications in any industry.

All Milacron Injection Molding Machines and are Bio-Resin Compatible!
Milacron recognizes and embraces the importance and rapid adoption of bio-resins in both injection molding and extrusion applications. The entire Milacron injection line-up has successfully processed a wide range of bio-resins and is ready to process the newest and most demanding resins.

NEW Milacron M-Powered Suite of Connected Services – Mexico/LATAM Debut
Milacron’s M-Powered suite of connected IoT solutions made its Mexico/LATAM debut at Plastimagen 2019. M-Powered is a portfolio of easy-to-use observational, analytical and support services that allow molders a competitive advantage through insight. M-Powered provides unique intelligence on a molders’ current operations and future needs, sharpens manufacturing quality and productivity, and optimizes uptime.

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Milacron Chief Marketing Officer Giovanni Spitale stated, “Plastic parts: Making them better, faster and cost-effectively – That simple statement is at the core of everything Milacron does. Where does our IoT and connectivity offering play into all this? IoT optimizes our service availability by creating a technical link between our customers and Milacron technical experts. We use technology to be faster, more efficient and always available for our customers. We call it M-Powered.”

M-Powered enabled machines currently include remote service capability with OEE and downtime analytics and data collection with maintenance and parts recommendation intelligence. M-Powered also includes full API integration as a standard setup in addition to applicable hardware such as our Red/Green Boxes and dedicated network security.

Milacron M-Powered is based on “Big Data,” qualitative art, and quantitative science and aims to continuously improve asset utilization and production efficiency. The Milacron M-Powered product offering will continue to advance and evolve, and Milacron is currently scheduling releases later this year to include services such as the M-Powered Fingerprint.

Mold-Masters Hot Runner Technologies
Mold-Masters Master-Series Hot Runners – The Industry Benchmark in Hot Runner Performance, Reliability and Bio-Resin Capabilities
Master-Series hot runners represent the benchmark in hot runner performance and reliability in the industry. It’s proven to deliver consistently high-performance processing capabilities for exceptional part quality even with highly technical applications. Featuring the industry’s broadest nozzle range, Master-Series leverages many of Mold-Masters core technologies to deliver successful solutions where others fail. Brazed Heater Technology provides exceptional thermal precision and balance which enhances mold performance and is so reliable it’s backed by an available 10-year warranty that is up to 5 times longer than any other supplier.

Mold-Masters iFLOW 2-piece Manifold Technology eliminates sharp corners and dead spots providing industry-leading fill balance and rapid color change performance. Master-Series is also up to 27% more energy efficient than competitive systems.

Compatible with a wide range of resins, Master-Series is suitable for almost any application. Mold-Masters is once again ahead of the curve and ready with the Master-Series hot runners extensive testing and real-world results using a wide variety of bio-resins. Hundreds of Mold-Masters Master-Series systems are already in the field processing bio-resins producing small to medium size parts in single nozzle to high cavity systems running in every major market around the world.
Mold-Masters Fusion Series G2 Hot Runner Rev’s up Automotive Molding Operations
Mold-Masters has rolled out many additions and enhancements to Fusion Series G2, the drop-in system favored by the automotive industry for high-quality large part production, which includes an expanded nozzle range and waterless actuator technology. New for the Fusion Series G2 is the F3000 and F8000 nozzles which extend the capabilities and applications of this system to include shot sizes from <15g to over 5,000g. The F3000 has a shot capacity of <15g which is ideal for smaller underhood components, technical automotive components and price sensitive packaging and consumer good applications. The F8000 increases the shot capacity of the system further than ever before to 5,000g by utilizing runner diameters up to 28mm. Nozzle lengths are also available that exceed 1m. F8000 has been developed to meet the processing requirements of common large automotive components like Fascias, Instrument Panels, Door Panels, and large white goods. Additionally, Fusion Series G2 systems will also be available with the new Waterless Actuator which incorporates new Passive Actuator Cooling Technology (PACT); eliminating hose-plumbed cooling circuits allows for the actuators to facilitate faster mold changes and provide long-term performance reliability.

Maximized for uptime, the Fusion Series G2 hot runner system is delivered completely pre-assembled and pre-plumbed, saving significant set-up time to get you back into production right away. Incorporating popular features like field replaceable heater sleeves ensures that any maintenance is quick and easy.
Mold-Masters Dura Plus Automotive Lens Molding Hot Runner Solution – Shining a Light on Automotive Lens Molding
The Dura Plus hot runner system has been specially engineered to produce consistent, high-quality parts with exceptional clarity. Engineered to perform with today’s challenging resins, it is compatible with abrasive and corrosive resins such as PC, PC-ABS & PMMA.

With its introduction, enhancements over the previous Dura system include new Dura Plus nozzles with an enhanced thermal profile, full stainless steel construction and a highly polished runner finish which work together to improve processability, provide greater system durability and prevent contamination defects of molded parts. In the field, cycle time improvements of 22% and an extremely low scrap rate of 0.8% have been observed. Dura Plus remains the clearest choice for automotive lens molding applications.
Mold-Masters MasterCARE Aftermarket Services and Support
Once a customer takes possession of a Mold-Masters hot runner system and begins production, the relationship doesn’t end there. Customers are in the knowledgeable and experienced hands of our MasterCARE aftermarket service professionals. Working diligently to ensure customer operations run smoothly, MasterCARE personnel are service partners that provide rapid global support with a range of services designed to maintain part quality, maximize uptime and minimize unscheduled interruptions.
DME Mold Technologies
Milacron has long been an essential resource to the plastics industry worldwide. DME is a market-leading mold technologies provider and continues to provide the industry’s broadest range of products and solutions for mold designers, mold makers, and processors. Never one to stand still and be satisfied with the status quo, DME with its partner vendors have been on a product development spree with over 10 new product launches and product line extensions in the past year.
DME XPressTM Mold Bases and Plates
For Moldmakers looking to save time and reduce their machining costs, DME was demonstrating the DME XPress™ Mold Base. The DME XPress mold bases are available with superior stress-relieved, pre-hardened, stainless and DME#3 modified P-20 steel. The new DME XPress Mold Bases offer superior machinability and longer cutting tool life. Additional features can easily be added on the DME XPress™ Plus.
DME TruCoolTM – A Revolutionary Conformal Cooling Solution
TruCool is the new DME line of products designed to help mold makers and molders with their mold cooling. DME’s Conformal Cooling solutions utilize a cutting edge, direct metal laser melting 3D printing process to produce highly complex cavities, cores, and components with conformal cooling channels. The process achieves shapes, paths, and channel geometries impossible to obtain with conventional tooling. DME’s TruCool Conformal Cooling solution places cooling channels at the optimal distance from the mold surface, consistently following the geometric shape of any mold insert for any customer part, allowing the mold to maintain a targeted, consistent temperature that allows for complete thermal control, allowing for the total injection molding cycle time to be reduced by up to 60%. This technology also allows for conformal venting solutions for those hard to reach areas of trapped gases, when requested by the molder.

Milacron Direct Industrial Supplies
Whether looking for auxiliary equipment, shop supplies, machine parts, mold sprays or safety supplies, DME has everything required to keep your plant running smoothly. DME has thousands of products that will help improve operational performance and process. DME offers a wide range of auxiliaries including conveyors, dryers, loaders and hoppers to clean room enclosures, resin bins and water chillers. DME also offers a robust assortment of shop products, tools and safety supplies to provide customers with the equipment necessary to operate at peak performance. To ensure that every molding machine station is well equipped, DME has a vast array of machine parts, cutters, trimmers, and mold sprays.

Milacron continues to push the boundaries of possibilities in plastics with breakthrough products from leading brands including Milacron®, Mold-Masters®, DME®, Ferromatik®, Uniloy®, and CIMCOOL®. All Milacron product brands offer industry-leading service, support, and spare parts inventory.

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