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The demand for experts in the molding sector is not slowing

The demand for experts in the molding sector is not slowing


Milacron Injection Molding & Extrusion (Milacron), a leading industrial technology company serving the plastics processing industry, is empowering career development in the plastics industry by delivering a 55-ton Milacron-FANUC Roboshot that is fully integrated with iMFLUX technologies to the American Injection Molding (AIM) Institute.

Screenshot 2

Cell Details – Roboshot 55iA:

Machine ROBOSHOT a-S55i

Clamping Force


55 US ton


Shot Size


18g 0.6oz


Screw Diameter


26 mm






The Roboshot excels in its resilience to handle many injection molding applications. The industry-standard-setting technology found in the ROBOSHOT all-electric injection molding machine is a direct result of years of partnership and insight between Milacron and FANUC.

iMFLUX integrated Controls
Integrating iMFLUX technology into machine controls is a more economical route to faster cycles and advanced part quality. iMFLUX offers quality benefits through improved balancing of high-cavitation molds, such as caps, closures, and consumer product applications. Additional benefits can be attributed to iMFLUX capabilities in recognizing a change in melt viscosity and adjusted filling to maintain consistent low pressure while achieving consistent part weights.

“Milacron was the first to present iMFLUX integrated directly into the machine’s controller, allowing the operator to modify settings through a single screen,” said Andy Stirn, Director of New Product Development for Milacron Injection Molding & Extrusion. “At Milacron we’re always looking for ways to help our customers succeed. Milacron began offering this capability in 2018 and have set the standard for fully integrated IMFLUX capability inside our control systems.”

AIM Career Development Impact
AIM offers a variety of courses for beginner injection molders through high-level experienced processors. AIM teaches that, regardless of job function in our industry, it is critical to understand all four disciplines in the injection molding process: plastic materials, mold design, injection molding processing, and part design; and how each of these components affect the final part. Their Molders’ Series curriculum is designed for processors of all experience levels and has the potential to benefits hundreds of students each year. Students can enter the series at the level appropriate to their current experience and exit when they have achieved their desired knowledge and skills.

This machine will benefit multiple courses offered through AIM. It will further the AIM Institute partnership with iMFLUX, a wholly owned subsidiary of P&G, to provide training on their proprietary process control technology. Classes held at AIM’s headquarters in Erie, PA include Introduction to iMFLUX and Applied iMFLUX processing. Students that complete both courses have the ability and intelligence to set up and adjust an iMFLUX process, as well as the skills to convert a conventional molding process to one utilizing iMFLUX.

“The demand for experts in this industry is not slowing. We are working to eliminate knowledge gaps through catered courses that fill the needs of working professionals,” said David Hoffman, Director of AIM. “Our students inherit our research-based practices and skills from our specialized educators, geared towards their specific occupation. Students will be capable of adapting the latest techniques to tackle new obstacles in the industry that are relevant now and in the future.”

AIM’s learning model also optimizes the opportunity for retention, helping to ensure that students remember what they have learned.

Developmental Plastics Testing Utilizing Roboshot Machine
Milacron shares this commitment to pioneer new developments and solve complex gaps in the plastics industry. The partnership between Milacron and AIM is critical to conduct new research and techniques for methods in parts processing and manufacturing. This analysis will be distributed amongst AIM graduates, but also to leaders in the industry on how to reform plastics processing.

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