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Injection molding machines for helmet application

Injection molding machines for helmet application


Because of the climate, convenience, or features, scooters have become the first choice for transportation in Taiwan. How popular are scooters in Taiwan? According to the statistics, Taiwan’s adult population is about 17 million, and the number of scooters is 14 million. It can be said that every 5 adults have 4 scooters. Therefore, riding on the road with a high density of 400 scooters per square kilometer, the helmet is important for the rider to ensure his traffic safety.


China announced the policy of “One Helmet, One Belt” this April. Zhejiang and Jiangsu released relevant regulations for riding safety. The regulations strongly pulled the helmet selling and production in China. And some 3,500 new companies entered this striving market sector within one month.

There are many kinds of helmets, such as Full-face, Open face (3/4), Half, and Modular (flip-up) helmet and so on. In terms of safety, the Full face type is best, and the Half one is the worst. The helmet is usually composed of a hard shell, a buffer layer, a comfortable cushion, a wearing device, and goggles, etc. The hard shell is mainly molded of PC, ABS, PC+ABS alloy materials, glass Fiber, and carbon fiber materials, etc.

Most of FCS clients are using а servo energy-saving injection molding machine (HN series) or a rotary table two-component injection molding machine (FB-R series) to produce various models of single and multi-component hard shells. The machines with the clamping force from 250 tons to 750 tons are equipped with screws specific for PC or ABS.

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