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Fu Chun Shin embraces huge potential orders at Chinaplas 2021

Fu Chun Shin embraces huge potential orders at Chinaplas 2021


After a lapse of two years, the largest CHINAPLAS International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition in Asia first came to Shenzhen. During the four-day exhibition from April 13 to 16, 2021, the number of visitors reached 152,134, and it is worth noting that the official live broadcast platform has 363,000 views!


FCS showed brand-new models with highlights such as “all-electric”, “two-component” and “energy saving.” The models can be applied to multiple fields including hardware products, food packaging, optical parts and medical industry. A total of 5 injection molding machines were displayed in FCS at this exhibition. Except FB series two-component injection molding machine, all the other display models are driven by electricity. Undoubtedly, it was the exhibition with the most electrical applications in FCS history!

All the models on display are equipped with iMF4.0 Intelligent ManuFactory system independently developed by FCS, which can be used by all kinds of injection molding machine. Based on the development of production cycle time management, the overall equipment efficiency (OEE) is acquired, so that production managers can master the real-time production status. The newly established “Field Application Engineering Center (FAE)” of FCS this year integrates marketing and R&D technical resources. A total of 30% of customers in Taiwan Head Office have used iMF4.0 for production management, thereby reducing uncontrollable factors in the production process, improving yield and reducing unexpected downtime losses.


Although it is not a good timing to visit exhibitions worldwide, FCS still saw 670 valid visitors, with a potential order amount of about USD 3.45 million, and three exhibitors were sold on site, with a total turnover of nearly USD 400,000. FCS not only won wide recognition at Chinaplas 2021, but also achieved outstanding results.

Jerry Wang, Vice Chairman of FCS, said, “Orders rebounded in the second half of 2020. The first half of the year is full of orders, with an amount of nearly RMB 400 million. However, affected by the pandemic, the price of raw materials soared, resulting in restrictions on shipments. FCS hopes to increase its supply capacity and self-control rate in the future.”

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