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Machine designed for large flat gaskets

Machine designed for large flat gaskets


REP international, as the premier machine manufacturer in the World of Rubber, has a very broad expertise in injection molding and shows you its tailor-made range of machines designed for large flat gasket applications.

S06Y20 2

S06 with 1 Injection Unit Y20

These types of machines have been developed for large-series injection molding involving parts with inserts, for example the injection molding of battery pack seals. Based on its long-standing experience in this field, REP offers a comprehensive range of machines with large-sized heating plates and adjustable configurations to fully comply with the technical specifications of each application and all client's needs.

Large-sized heating plates & multiple clamping
Large flat gasket applications require a demanding process with quality clamping on large-sized plates and the control of low-volume injection over long injection runner lengths.

For this purpose, REP has developed a clamping block system with multiple clamping points associated with hydraulic synchronization. This synchronization ensures even pressure distribution for optimized clamping throughout the whole surface of the heating plates. This in turn leads to very tight flatness tolerances and consequently results in the excellent quality of the molded parts.

Injection of long thin sections
The use of small injection units combined with high injection pressures allows for high shot size precision and the possible diffusion of low compound volumes over long runner lengths. These machines offer the best performances in flashless molding applications. With the implementation of multiple injection units and the division of the flow circuits, larger parts can be produced by reducing the runner lengths and pushing the limits of the process.

The flexible machine configurations with the heating plate installed widthwise (long side from left to right) enable the operator to enjoy improved ergonomics to get to the different mold parts with ease.

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