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BMS2022 10 Smart Molding EnergyMaster

27. September - 01. October 2022
Taipei Plas
Taipei, Taiwan
19. - 26. October 2022
Düsseldorf, Germany
01. - 05. February 2023
New Delhi, India
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To capture the attendee's hearts

To capture the attendee's hearts


Often referred to as “God’s Gift”, the malleable material Plastic is used in various aspects of our lives, ranging from objects for daily use to cutting edge products. However, there are rising voices that call for various improvement points because of plastic’s harmful aftermath to the environment and biodiversity. Accordingly, there are heated global interests and debates in developing improved understandings of plastic as a material overall, as well as ameliorating its damaging environmental effects.


LS Mtron LTD is continuously seeking to eliminate the harmful environmental effects of plastic use through finding environmentally friendly molding solutions that maintain the material’s benefits. As a part of this effort, LS Mtron’s announcement that it will participate in the International Process & Packaging Exhibition (KOREA PACK 2022), the leading domestic exhibition for the packaging industry that will take place between Tuesday, June 14 and Friday, June 17, is drawing a lot of attention. It will display LS injection molding machine excellence, as well as environmentally friendly plastic molding solutions.

LS Mtron’s Ever-Environmentally Friendly Molding Solution Continues the Miraculous Convenience of Plastic and Dreams of a Sustainable Future!
While plastic has granted miraculous and amazing convenience to our daily lives, various circles have been criticizing multiple issues and calling out the unamazing facets of the material. Although it is difficult to completely rewind and undo the issues that have been created, new answers may be found with cultivating new breakthrough plans. LS Mtron has been working towards providing an environmentally friendly plastic molding solution in order to dream of a more sustainable future.

LS Mtron has been gaining critical attention for the announcement of its plan to collaborate with the Green Plastic Alliance in the upcoming KOREA PACK 2022, the leading domestic exhibition for the packaging industry.

LS Mtron announced its plan to present the ‘the ONE* 170-E’ that will mold in-flight wine cups in the company’s exhibition booth of Kintex 1 Exhibition. Center. The company’s product has been noted for its superiority over other brands' technologies, and has been noted for its strengths such as ultrahigh, ultraprecise, and high cycle technology. In addition, at the nearby Green Plastic Alliance Booth, it will sponsor WIZ 110E and WIZ 170E that will mold golf ball liners and golf tees using environmentally friendly material PLA (provided by ESOL Enterprise and Sun Su Enterprise).

Meanwhile, Green Plastic Alliance is an organization that strives to minimize the deleterious effects of plastic on the environment that joins the efforts of companies that produce “green plastic” products, companies that distribute and use such products, as well as consumers that use such products. The Alliance speaks for plastic goods that can reduce the various environmental effects of plastic use that the world is experiencing by advocating for 6R (Replace, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recovery, Redesign).

Armed with Excellence: ‘ultrafast’, ‘ultraprecise’, ‘high cycle’ the ONE*-170E Will Once Again Capture the Attendee's Hearts!
LS Mtron announced that it will present ‘the ONE*-E’ that has been noted for its superior technology and strengths such as ‘ultrahigh’, ‘ultraprecise’, ‘high cycle’ in KOREA PACK in Kintex 1 Exhibition Center in Goyang-City, and is set to capture the hearts of industry professionals once again.


Planned to mold inflight wine cups, has already been renowned for its outstanding technology both on domestic and international levels, attaining 1.49 seconds (based on 170E) of dry cycle time through its optimized toggle system.

Optimized through High Cycle, which allows for higher precision production, ‘the ONE*-E’ has a 30% improved link speed ration through the optimized fast toggle system, and has a specialty of operating with low vibration that alleviates shock through CI-Curve control.

In addition, it has an improved acceleration performance, increased plasticity thanks to adaptable screws with increased RPM, clamp force monitoring function due to a tie-bar sensor, automatic clamping force calibration function, as well as providing automatic zero adjustment mode function for spring mold.

Moreover, the Dual Center Press Die structure minimizes any deformation of the die plates, which improves the mold surface pressure (15% for stationary plates), which extends the durability of the mold - a strength that has been gaining favorable reviews by industry professionals.

Eco-friendliness is No Longer a Choice but Essential! LS Mtron Joins in and Shares with an Environmentally Friendly Molding Solution!
Since the Kyoto Protocol, developing environmentally friendly plastic and its industrial application has been a globally active initiative in order to prevent global warming. In the recent years, researchers and development surrounding developing nonedible resources such as cellulose, waste paper, rice straw, corn husks, corn cobs, and sawdusts have been expanding and applied to use as material.

As a response to the increased social awareness towards environmental issues, paradigms around eco-packagings have been gradually changing from researching, developing, and producing products made with biodegradable plastics, which now encompasses considerable efforts to develop environmentally friendly materials from the packaging industry and auto-part industries as well.

Environmentally friendly production processes are not necessarily confined to materials only. Ranging from material to manufacturing process, any part of the process that is in between the production of the final product must include an environmentally friendly aspect, which means that some materials should be replaced or new technologies must be implemented to reduce carbon emissions.

An LS Mtron spokesperson stated: “As many nations expand ESG management and carbon dioxide emission policies, interests towards “environmentally friendly” are steadily increasing. Following our own government’s announcement that petroleum-based plastic will be 100% replaced by bioplastics by 2050, there has been a spotlight on environmentally friendly plastic.” As a result, “LS Mtron will showcase an environmentally friendly molding solution at the upcoming KOREA PACK 2022, and contribute to a sustainable future.”

They continued, “Our Booth will produce in-flight wine cups using ONE* 170E and display the excellence of our product to the consumers, and we will sponsor WIZ 110E and WIZ 170E to the Green Plastic Alliance booth; using an environmentally friendly material PLA, we aim to provide green plastic related solutions, so please stay tuned and send us your encouragement.”

Meanwhile, LS Mtron will hold an on-site seminar on June 14th and 15th under the theme of Injection Molding Solution for Thin Film Packaging (Chung Sung-wook), and from the afternoon of the 15th, the Injection Molding Solution for Thin Film Packaging (Chung Sung-wook), on the 16th, the company plans to broadcast live on YouTube channels under the theme of "Bio-Plastic Industry, Policy and Future Direction" (Director Hwang Jung-joon of the Green Plastic Union) and "Introduction of Smart Injection Factory" (CEO Park Kyung-ho).

LS Mtron is seeking various ways to accompany a sustainable future, and it is expected to provide an opportunity to directly encounter the excellence of LS Mtron’s environmentally friendly plastic molding solution in KOREA PACK 2022.

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