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Conair presents new Thermolator series

Conair presents new Thermolator series


The new Thermolator® TW-T Series temperature-control unit (TCU) from Conair is a top-of-the-line unit that not only is equipped with the company’s common-control and 4.3” color touch-screen HMI package but also includes new features that make operation and maintenance much easier than previous TCUs.

ConairThermolatorTWT T scaled

The new Thermolator® TW-T Series temperature-control unit (TCU) from Conair

TW-T Series units sized at 3 hp and under also require 15% less floor space than earlier TCU designs. All sizes (from 0.75 to 10 hp) have an open-back cabinet that allows for beneficial airflow around pumps and other internal components and enables visual maintenance inspection without having to remove cabinet panels.

Other new features include:
Automatic phase detection – an alarm sounds if the TCU is powered up using incorrect wiring so it is no longer necessary to look at pump shafts to determine rotation.
Dynamic maximum setpoint – cooling-water supply pressure determines the machine’s maximum setpoint (up to 250F standard, 300F optional), so processors can work around plumbing limitations. Low-pressure installations can now operate readily at lower temperatures, while higher water pressure provides access to full high-end range of setpoint temperatures.
Modulating cooling valve – ensures consistent temperature control without valve changes or deadheading, even when in different mold applications or processes, or when the TCU is moved from one machine to another.
Industrial heater construction with leak-free heater gasket – for leak-free operation in high-pressure applications. No gasket maintenance or replacement required.

The new TW-T Thermolator units are among the most recent auxiliary equipment to be equipped with the exclusive Conair common control platform – a control (and associated touchscreen HMIs) that delivers the same look, feel and user experience regardless of equipment type. Common controls simplify and accelerate the training process since people trained on one machine and control can more easily and quickly translate that experience to operate other equipment that uses an essentially identical control.

The 4-inch touch-screen user interface gives operators access to top-shelf control functions like a customizable home screen that shows two Key Process Indicators (KPI). A five-step ramp/soak program protects the process from rapid changes in setpoint and possible thermal shock as the controller tries to force the process variable to follow. An alternate-set-point feature gives users the option to use an external input – a setting on the molding machine, for instance – for added control.

With the new TCU control, calculated flow rates, or current readings from an optional integrated flow meter are always available, while trend curves of historical readings can be used to help identify potential problems before they arise. These might include mold channels that need cleaning or set-up errors like incorrect hose connections or an unopened manifold valve. Trending is also available for temperatures. Other touchscreen functions include:
• Multi-level user security
• Configurable automatic restart and brownout monitor for processors that experience frequent power interruptions
• Screens for RTD and analog sensor calibration.
• Contextual help mode that brings up on-screen explanations of various operating features when touched
• User-selectable units of measure (imperial or metric).
• Alarm and warning history

The common control platform supports both OPC-UA (the leading Industry 4.0 communications protocol, supporting the Euromap 82.1 standard), legacy control protocols, like MODBUS, as well as SPI communications (RS-485). The new TW-T controllers are also SmartServices®-ready. It is easy to connect the TCUs to Conair’s unique cloud-based platform, which allows processors to connect all of their plastics processing equipment (even older or non-Conair equipment) to a single, central web-based dashboard. From here, SmartServices is able to analyze temperature-control data (or data from any other equipment) and convert it into usable, actionable information for operators, maintenance technicians, plant managers, and even procurement specialists.

Like all Conair Thermolator TCUs, the TW-T Series offers a host of other desirable features and functions including Incoloy heaters, silicon-carbide pump seals, standard solid-state relays, remote start, silenceable audible alarms (visual alarm light with dry contacts are optional), as well as many optional features.

Conair Group offers innovative auxiliary equipment solutions to plastics processors around the world. With 32 degreed engineers, including 16 senior team members with an average of over 23 years of experience, Conairbrings unparalleled technical expertise and support to its customers, guaranteeing its products will deliver maximum productive uptime. Twenty parts and service team members respond to tens of thousands of calls each year, answering in an average of about 15 seconds. Over 450 individual products include resin drying systems, blenders, feeders and material-conveying systems, temperature-control equipment and granulators. Extrusion solutions include line-control systems, film and sheet scrap-reclaim systems and downstream equipment for pipe and profile extrusion. Conair also has specialized expertise in every major end market – such as packaging, medical, transportation, building and construction, and many others – and strives to ensure plastics processors succeed in today’s competitive global marketplace.

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