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Great Success in Korea

Great Success in Korea


The 23rd International Process & Packaging Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as KOREA PACK 2022), the leading domestic exhibition for the packaging industry, successfully concluded after its run in the Kintex 1 Exhibition Center in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi Province between Tuesday, June 14 and Friday, June 17.


The internationally certified exhibition takes place once every two years, and brings together the past and future of the domestic packaging industry. For this year, LS Mtron LTD  presented ‘the ONE*-170E’, which coalesced strengths such as ‘ultrahigh’, ‘ultraprecise’, ‘high cycle’ and drew the attention of the attendees through molding 4-cavity in-flight wine cups.

Furthermore, LS MTron also collaborated with the Green Alliance to show a sustainable future for the injection molding industry, which drew considerable positive attention in the industry.

■ ‘the ONE*-E’, Once Again Heralding the Excellence of the Product in KOREA PACK 2022!
Held between Tuesday June 14 and Friday June 17 in the Kintex 1 Exhibition Center in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi Province, KOREA PACK 2022 opened cuncerrently with Korea MAT, the large-scale materials handling and logistics exhibition, and ICPI week, an exhibition of latest value chain products in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. This organization drew favorable responses as it allowed the visitors to deftly identify the full range of a product from its development and production, to packaging, all the way to logistics and distribution.

As such, LS Mtron molded 4-cavity-in-flight wine cups with ‘the ONE*-E’ that has already established its excellence armed by “ultrahigh” “ultraprecise” and “high cycle” at the 1 Exhibition Center Hall 5 5D901 in KOREA PACK 2022, and reaffirmed its leading position in the injection molding industry. ‘the ONE*-E’ has already been domestically and internationally recognized for its outstanding technology that attains 1.49 seconds (based on 170E) of dry cycle time through its optimized toggle system.


Optimized through High Cycle, a fast toggle system that allows for higher precision production. The product has a 30% improved link speed ratio. In addition, it has a forte in operating with low vibration that alleviates shock through CI-Curve control.

In addition, it has an improved acceleration performance, and increased plasticity thanks to the adaptable screws with increased RPM, clamp force monitoring function due to a tie-bar sensor, automatic clamping force calibration function, and automatic zero adjustment mode function for spring mold, which have all been getting favorable reviews for providing further convenience for the users.

Moreover, the Dual Center Press Die structure minimizes any deformation of the die plates, improves the mold surface pressure (15% for stationary plates), which also has been receiving positive review in the injection molding industry.

■ LS Mtron Takes Lead in Carbon Neutrality Through Environmentally Friendly Plastic Molding Solutions!
In addition to promoting its own booth in KOREA PACK 2022, LS Mtron also collaborated with the Green Plastic Alliance at the event, and introduced a new wave in the sustainable future in the injection molding industry.

Due to its price effectivity to produce products that we need, plastic is widely used to make both everyday items as well as cutting-edge technology items. However, there are increasingly louder voices that call for improvement, pointing out plastic’s deleterious effects to the biosphere and the environment.

LS Mtron sponsored WIZ 110E and WIZ 170E that molded golf ball liners and cup holders using environmentally friendly material PLA (provided by ESOL Enterprise and Sun Su Enterprise). Through this, they showed a high functional biodegradable injection molding, which is an attestation of the company’s dedication to dream of a sustainable future through environmentally friendly plastic injection molding solution.

An LS Mtron spokesperson commented on their collaboration with the Green Plastic Alliance: “Plastic has brought miraculous convenience to our daily lives, but has issues in its environmental impacts,” following “as a response, we are finding new ways to do injection molding in an environmentally friendly way, so that the convenience of plastic that is central to our lives now can be sustained.”

The injection molding industry’s response to LS Mtron’s collaboration with the Green Plastic Alliance is that they asked important questions and provided action plans about what the industry can do in order to contribute to a sustainable future.

Meanwhile, Green Plastic Alliance is an organization that advocates for 6R (Replace, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recovery, Redesign), and speaks for plastic goods that can reduce the various environmental effects of plastic use that the world is experiencing. It strives to minimize the deleterious effects of plastic on the environment that joins the efforts of companies that produce “green plastic” products, companies that distribute and use such products, as well as consumers that use such products.

■ Even for Customers Who Were Not Present in the Exhibition, the Impressions of “Sustainable Plastic Packaging Special Exhibition” Were Delivered Through YouTube!
This edition of KOREA PACK 2022 is estimated to have hosted 46,500 visitors.

While this is a 13,000 increase from KOREA PACK 2021, there were many potential visitors who could not make it to the fairgrounds due to effects of COVID-19, as well as scheduling conflicts. As a solution, LS Mtron live streamed the “Sustainable Plastic Packaging Special Exhibition,” which made a platform for those who are interested in LS Mtron’s packaging only molding solution and smart injection solution but could not make it to the fair in person, which drew favorable responses.

LS Mtron organized a series of on-site seminars: on June 14 and 15, at 10:30 am and 2:30 pm - Sung Wook Jeong, an executive from LS Mtron, introduced the “Thin Film Packaging Specific Molding Solution,” and on June 16 at 10:30 am, Jung Joon Hwang, the secretary general of the Green Plastic Alliance introduced “Bioplastic Industry, Policies, and Future Directions,” and on June 17 at 10:30 am and 2:30 pm, LS Kyung Ho Park, an executive from LS Mtron spoke on “Smart Molding Solution.”

■ LS Mtron Joins the Effort of the Sustainable Future of Injection Molding Industry!
Recently published on June 16, the economic policy direction by the government projected a 2.6 increase in GDP, and a rate of increase of 4.7% for consumer price inflation due to the rise of price and demand for domestic raw materials. The government unveiled that it aims to operate the economy based on four ideals: freedom, equity, innovation, and solidarity, in order to get over low growth and attain an increase in welfare virtuous cycle. Based on a free economy, the subject of economic operation will be centered around civilians, corporations, and the market, and guarantee freedom while strictly cracking down unfair practices.

This will ensure an equal opportunity across socioeconomic levels, which is a primary focus of the government. Science and technology, and industrial innovations will be expanded to offer bases for growth, and national interests such as economic security will be strengthened through strategies that focus on alliance with the international community.

As a result, LS Mtron is also incessantly aiming to find change and innovation through it’s vision called Be the ONE*, which is based on best human resources, number one products, and winning partnerships. Through these efforts, it is working hard to break crises and maintain a virtuous cycle of growth.

In addition, the company keeps in mind that since the Kyoto Protocol, developing environmentally friendly plastic and its industrial application has been a globally active initiative in order to prevent global warming, and views that environmentally friendly molding solutions can positively contribute to a sustainable future.

A LS Mtron spokesperson said “We are doing our best to best help our customers during touch and go situations caused by the aftermath of COVID-19, inflation due to outside factors, market slowdown, and are finding ways to create a sustainable future with our customers by an environmentally friendly plastic molding solutions during a time of increased interest in environmentally friendly as many countries around the world are creating carbon emission reduction policies and expanding ESG business policies.

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