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High-impact deflashers handle tough molded applications

High-impact deflashers handle tough molded applications

Proco automatic deflasher

Proco automatic deflasher


Proco Machinery, a leading manufacturer of automation systems for the blow molding industry, has launched two new automatic deflashers/trimmers that handle high-impact bottle applications. The PADM3-1S Automatic and the Pneutrium-Plus Automatic Deflashers are specially designed systems that are targeted for heavy-wall thickness containers made of polycarbonate, E-PET, and other tough resins for extrusion blow and injection blow molding systems.

“This technical upgrade helps our customers meet the stringent deflashing requirements of high-impact materials,” said Siva Krish, vice president of sales for Proco Machinery. “These new deflashing options are already being used by a couple of our customers in very demanding applications.”

The Pnetrium Plus Deflasher is designed to remove the flash on various containers up to 10 gallons and can be configured to deflash multiple containers simultaneously, enabling processors to increase production rates. Guide rods ensure accurate alignment of the punch tool during the deflashing operation. The punch mechanism is mounted on vertical guides to permit the whole mechanism to be adjusted vertically and an embedded scale provides reference for accurate placement. The punch is driven by a three-inch diameter air cylinder. This large cylinder can produce up to 700 lb of force to remove large, difficult flashes easily.

The new high-impact deflashers, which feature powerful cylinders, can be integrated with the take-out system or operate as a stand-alone system. These deflashers enable processors to reduce their footprint and help maintain or reduce current line speeds, thus maintaining productivity gains. The high-impact deflashers can operate at line speeds of 3.5 sec per cycle, the fastest in Proco’s history.

Both high-impact deflashers offer simple control systems activated by a touch screen interface connected to the machine via an umbilical cord, enabling the operator to adjust the console position as needed. The color touch panel features easy-to-change timer and control settings, enabling the operator to control the unit in either automatic or manual modes.
The guard system for each type of deflasher is designed to protect the operator while allowing him or her to have an unobstructed view of the machine’s operation. The guards are made in two sections for easy operation and maintenance – each section can be opened to provide access during setup. Safety switches enable the operator to disable the machine and to dump the pressed air when the guard is opened.

About Proco Machinery
Proco Machinery Inc., based in Mississauga, Ontario, has been serving the plastic container industry for over 35 years, providing labor-saving automated machinery and equipment throughout the U.S. and Canada. The company manufactures a complete line of Robopik Take-out systems, Automatic Deflashers, Ultra Test Leak Testers, Flame Treaters, Dome Spin Trimmers, Robotic Packaging systems (case packers), as well as the Multipak Palletizer Packaging System (for palletizing).


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