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Automation brings advancement

Automation brings advancement

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How can customers for plastic parts gain access to cost-efficiently produced products? A simple question that is difficult to answer. At Erwin Quarder Systemtechnik GmbH the answer was: complete solutions. One example here is the turnkey system for producing millions of coil shells, implemented with assistance from ARBURG.


The thin-walled coil shells are dropped into original boxes according to cavity.

The value added chain that system provider Quarder offers its customers ranges from part and process development, injection mould construction including mould filling analyses and the construction of production systems through to part production and quality control.

25 years of cooperation
Quarder and ARBURG have been cooperating for 25 years with regard to rotary table and vertical machines, as well as larger models and multi-component machines. The automated turnkey system for producing coil shells for Erwin Quarder S.A. de C.V., the company’s Mexican production site, was a new venture. The coil shells are moulded and the coils subsequently wound, after which they are incorporated in assemblies for the automotive industry throughout the NAFTA region. According to Bernd Schroeder, Key Account Manager at Quarder Systemtechnik, a total of twelve of these thin-walled coil shells are used in millions of automotive brake systems.

32 coil shells in 6.5 seconds
The cycle time for the technical moulded parts produced from a glass-fibre-filled PA 6.6 is around 6.5 seconds. The 32-cavity mould with hot runner and needle-type shut-off nozzle, as well as special cooling and ventilation, comes from the Quarder mould construction shop. Extremely precise tolerances had to be met for the delicate parts.


Hybrid ALLROUNDER 520 H.

Fast, reliable production
A MULTILIFT V robotic system with a reduced load capacity of 6 kilograms and a dynamic vertical axis was integrated to achieve a fast overall cycle. This meant that the mould opening time could be reduced by around 0.5 seconds. Hence, more than 1,000 more parts can be produced each hour.

The parts are set down according to cavity by means of a special tube and container system, so that the relevant batch can be removed from production in the event of problems with one of the mould cavities. The boxes filled with the original parts can be changed without interrupting production. SPC (Statistical Process Control) takes place at fixed intervals through the removal of samples. The coil shells are produced on a hybrid ALLROUNDER 520 H with a clamping force of 1,500 kN and a size 290 injection unit.

HIDRIVE convinces with optimum cavity filling
“Extensive mould filling analyses were carried out in advance at Quarder to ensure that all 32 parts could be reliably filled during the process,” says Frank Fischer, Application Technology at ARBURG. “These analyses have shown that filling must take place at high speed. This means that the air must be able to escape from the cavity quickly. We needed to optimise this, which immediately required us to abandon our original plans for expansion injection moulding. We were able to show that our ALLROUNDER H is capable of filling the cavities to optimum effect using a ‘conventional injection moulding process’.”

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