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Meech's static generation equipment

Meech's static generation equipment

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Located in Alliance, Ohio, IML IMD Technology LLC specializes in the manufacturing of custom industrial robotics, end-of-arm tooling and in-mold labelling systems. A leader in the field of in-mold labelling technology development, IML IMD requires a local supplier for the delivery of reliable and compact in-mold labeling systems to help produce the most visually appealing products for its demanding customer base. For this, the company puts its faith in Meech International’s in-mold labeling equipment.

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“With our busy schedules, IML IMD needs an equipment provider who can supply high quality products that can be quickly delivered and easily installed,” says Mike Ensinger, President of IML IMD Technology. “Meech, with its extensive range of in-mold labeling equipment and highly efficient service ticks all these boxes.”

Meech USA, also based in Ohio, has installed many of its static generation products at IML IMD’s facilities, including the 994IML-20kV Generator, 994 Hydra distributors, Hydra splitters and supply cables. These solutions have been helping IML IMD deliver high quality products to its customers for over ten years.

Meech’s static generation equipment works together to create a controlled static charge on a non-conductive material that will allow a temporary adhesion between surfaces with charges of opposite polarity.

“Meech’s products have worked very well since the moment they were installed,” continues Ensinger. “We have used chargers from other companies in the past and none were easy to install – some had very complicated wiring.”

Ensinger goes on to explain the ease with which Meech’s in-mold labeling products are integrated into IML IMD’s production: “Whenever we order new products from Meech, installation is always fast and simple. There are two wires to the 24-volt power system and two wires to a set of dry contacts for switching. The Hydra pinners provide the exact amount of power to the necessary points with no dead spots and voltage adjustments are carried out with just a single dial, removing all the guess work. The simple running of the Meech system, and its installation, makes product training very straightforward for our operators.”

With Meech systems being, as Ensinger puts it, “essentially ‘set it and forget it’”, there has been a very positive response from IML IMD’s customers: “Nothing is complicated, there are no constant adjustments, and once dialed in there is nothing else to do,” he adds.

The reliability of Meech’s in-mold labeling products has ensured a long-term partnership with IML IMD. Ensinger concludes: “I have never had to return a Meech charger for service – some have been running for ten years or more. Meech’s static charging equipment works from day one and keeps on going.

“We look forward to continuing our partnership with Meech for many more years to come.”

Matt Fyffe, Vice President and General Manager at Meech USA says: “For over a decade IML IMD has come to Meech for its static generation and in-mold labeling equipment and we’re delighted they have found our products to be the perfect solution for them, and their customers.

“Our ongoing collaboration with IML IMD has been a very pleasurable experience and we are looking forward to continuing our relationship with them in the future.”

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