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10. - 12. March 2019
Guangzhou, China
12. - 14. March   2019
ICE Europe
Munich, Germany
12. - 16. March 2019
Goyang, Korea
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Precision parts – made in Germany

Precision parts – made in Germany

Сase studies

L R322 Bauser 01

Starting point / Task definition
For many years, Werner Bauser GmbH has been supplying its customers utmost precision in injection molded plastic parts. From its plant in Wehingen, in the Swabian Jura, the company also supplies its products to customers in other countries. The company is able to draw on 45 years of experience, a strong sense of family unity and high-tech automation from KUKA Roboter and SHL Automatisierungstechnik AG at its German plant.

The customer required a flexible robotic application solution that could manufacture flawless precision plastic parts.

Implementation / Solution
The production facilities at Werner Bauser GmbH house 19 KUKA robots. The robots unload the finished parts from the injection molding machines and place them in the waiting “nests” or sort them into cartons ready for dispatching. If the products to be manufactured have inserts, these inserts are supplied to the robot which then loads them into the machine. The robot then uses a camera or a sensor system to perform a quality inspection. For the purpose of carrying out additional spot checks, the active process can be selected and stopped.

System components / Scope of supply
- KR 15
- KR 16

Results / Success
KUKA offers greater flexibility. Due to the wide range of different parts produced, there has to be a way of switching from one process to another quickly and smoothly.

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