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Tri-Tec Corp expands capabilities

Tri-Tec Corp expands capabilities

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Tri-Tec Corp, originally founded in 1976, is currently a 60,000 square foot molding facility situated in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Tri-Tec was most recently purchased in 2015 from the second owner by Larry Austin. It shares a building with its sister company, Plasti-Coil. Tri-Tec alone has 23 molding machines, over 25 employees, and houses a complete tool room to create custom plastic injection molds. The company manufactures gears and precision plastic components.


Tri-Tec President/CEO, Larry Austin and Tri-Tec Corporation Production Manager, Todd Kaercher

Tri-Tec decided it was time to expand their capabilities to stay competitive in the custom molding marketplace. With tolerancing of new parts becoming tighter, and the need to decrease lead times Tri-Tec needed to find a line of machines that would help take their molding to a new level.

The Sodick GL line of presses was just what they were looking for. The machines handle the molding of gears and specialty threads with ease –most of Tri-Tec’s threads are measured in inch ounces of torque on a go gage. This requires consistent shot size and cycle time in order to hold the tight tolerances of gear concentricity and thread molding. After evaluating several machine platforms, Tri-Tec felt that the Sodick line of machines offered the greatest consistency and accuracy that their customers demand.

The Sodick GL series is a line of ultra-precision injection molding machines. The machines feature a V-line two stage plunger injection method that provides the maximum stability in molding processes. Between extremely uniform melt conditions and not having a check ring, makes the GL series ideal for micro molding applications.

Tri-Tec continues to expand and add layers of expertise to the organization while further adding manufacturing capabilities. Austin plans to continue to grow the company by working with existing customers and continuing to be in their preferred plastic supplier network – while growing the business and creating jobs in the US.

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