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11. - 13. August 2020
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09. - 13. September 2020
Taipei Plas
Taipei, Taiwan
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Meech Static Generation solutions in action

Meech Static Generation solutions in action

Сase studies

An industry leader in custom plastic injection molding, Wisconsin-based Sussex IM, Inc. has developed a deserved reputation for its Design-for-Manufacturing expertise and its range of ISO certified capabilities. Founded in 1977 as Sussex Plastics, Sussex IM is today, an internationally renowned, full-service, fully automated supplier that prides itself on problem solving for its diverse range of B2B and B2C customers across a huge range of sectors including: consumer goods, cosmetics packaging, healthcare products, agricultural products and industrial applications.

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The company’s streamlined decision-making capabilities and shortened supply chains ensure accelerated time-to-market and its end-to-end suite of services extends from product design to warehousing.

Key to the smooth operation of Sussex IM’s in-mold labeling systems, and essential to efficient production, is the generation of static by means of compact, lightweight generators. Choosing the right static generating equipment for each individual context is vital and Sussex IM has come to depend on Meech International’s static generation products for maximum production efficiency and product quality.

“We were looking for a step up from our existing static generation systems,” says Victor Rohrig, Automation Engineering Supervisor at Sussex IM. “We needed more energy efficiency and reliability to bring down production costs, so we turned to Meech and enlisted their products and services to help us to improve our own.”

Since 2016, Sussex IM has installed thirteen Meech 994IML Static Generators across nine of its IML systems, with two remaining systems currently in the process of converting as well. A Meech hand sampling wand has also replaced a competitors’ wand.

Providing 0-20kV, negative polarity, a lightweight package, and powered by 24V DC, Meech’s 994IML Static Generators’ full local and remote control makes it ideal for system integrators, OEMs, and end-users alike.

“Meech’s static generation equipment was simple to install,” Rohrig concludes. “And right from the start we’ve found it cost-effective and easy to use. It is extremely energy efficient, which has obvious environmental benefits as well as reducing our costs, and End of Arm Tooling (EOATs) have proven to be straight-forward to design. The equipment has worked exactly as we hoped it would and has saved us thousands of dollars over the last couple of years in improved productivity and reduced energy costs. We anticipate that all of our future IML systems will use Meech static generation products.”

Matt Fyffe, VP and General Manager at Meech Static Eliminators USA says: “Meech pinning systems offer the ultimate in controlled static generation and the Meech Model 994IML Static Generator has been specially designed to work with the Hydra In-Mold Label pinning system.

“It has proven to be the perfect solution for Sussex IM to improve production efficiency and cut costs and we’re delighted to have been able partner with them to make their business objectives a reality.”

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