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Mondial invests in the domestic production of Air Fryers

Mondial invests in the domestic production of Air Fryers

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Habits and routines saw various changes in the lives of Brazilians in 2020. Among many findings, consumers felt the need to have more comfortable and practical homes. As a result, there was significant market growth for home appliances to assist daily activities. Among the different products available on the market, Air Fryers went to the top of the list due to their concept that blends practicality and versatility while promoting healthy habits among those who use them.


As leader in the category of portable appliances, Mondial recorded major sales growth for its Air Fryers in 2020, compared to 2019. Taking advantage of the positive sales outlook, the manufacturer decided to invest in Brazil by bringing in-country production of two of its models, both with a capacity of 5 liters. The AFN-50-BI and AFN-50-RI are produced in Mondial's largest manufacturing unit, located in Conceição do Jacuípe, state of Bahia. "This decision has brought various benefits. By increasing our domestic production, we were able to create a larger number of jobs. Currently, our team is made up of four thousand employees, not including indirect jobs that amount to around 12,000. In addition, the consumer also benefits, as we are ensuring the best cost-benefit ratio", states Giovanni M. Cardoso, co-founder of Mondial Eletrodomésticos.

Bringing this production into Brazil was only possible due to building and maintaining a good relationship throughout the supply chain, including Braskem, a Mondial partner in the supply of thermoplastic resins for different products. Technical and commercial teams from the petrochemical company, together with Mondial's technical team, chose the best and most suitable input for this development, considering mechanical and esthetic properties of the items that require shine and heat resistance. By holding meetings on diagnostics and technical tests, it was possible to adapt a high heat-resistant copolymer, already in the Braskem polypropylene portfolio, making it ideal for application in the plastic parts of the Air Fryer.

Besides the technical benefits, bringing production into Brazil also brought other advantages to Mondial, such as reduced product lead times, incorporation of new technology leading to new developments and reduction in the total product cost. Also worthy of note in this project is the innovation related to the development and application of this new resin, as a contributing factor to the success of the Braskem and Mondial partnership.

"This project is another step that strengthens our commitment to contributing to increased industrialization in Brazil. We believe that the relationship with our clients is key for the economic development of the plastics chain, which is only possible if we act together. In order to be increasingly associated with the strategy and growth of their clients, Braskem's technical and commercial teams are always available to give support on other opportunities such as this one", says Renato Yoshino, Braskem Business Director for Agribusiness, Infrastructure and Industry sectors.

The Conceição do Jacuípe factory covers 100,000 m² of built-up area and received an investment of BRL 49 million at the beginning of 2020 to increase production and expansion work. The unit is already manufacturing the model in red and black colors. The concept and development processes of the brand's products remain in the hands of the Design Center team, located in the company's central office in Barueri (state of São Paulo, SP).

Mondial is the leader in the Air Fryers category, having about 40% of market share and has 10 models in its portfolio to meet the most diverse needs and desires of consumers. The fryers have a capacity of 3.5 and 5.5 liters and are available in black or red, with paneling in the same color of the product or in stainless steel.

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