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Thermo-conductive compound for Landa Illuminotecnica

Thermo-conductive compound for Landa Illuminotecnica

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The miniaturization of electrical devices leads to heat build-up and to manage it Landa Illuminotecnica has chosen LATI's heat-conductive plastic material. It offers toughness, thermal conductivity above 4 W/mK, self-extinguishing with UL94-V0 approval, aesthetics and straightforward mouldability.

lyras 45 proiettore serie mira 65

The great challenge of miniaturization of electrical devices
Miniaturization of electronic devices is a trend that is increasingly tied to the need to dissipate heat generated during functioning. This compromise becomes of primary importance for particularly small housings and in the case of high ambient temperatures. In these situations, the accumulation of heat can in fact compromise the functioning of the electronics. This is the case of LED luminaires, whose life expectancy is dramatically reduced if the thermal parameters are not strictly adhered to.

This situation is even more critical for high power sources such as COB LEDs or PCBs with a high number of installed elements. Given these premises, it is clear that metal is the safest choice to guarantee the cooling of these lighting groups.

The choice of Landa Illuminotecnica: LATI thermo-conductive plastic material
Landa Illuminotecnica, a Brescia-based company of the Bugatti group active in the outdoor lighting sector, has chosen differently for its for its Mira 65 series floor and/or wall recessed products and Lyras 65 projector products.

In these luminaires all the housings of the power electronics and LEDs have in fact been made of thermo-conductive plastic: a perfect decision to create compact, powerful and high quality products as required by the brand.

The project involves power supply in very small spaces. In order to guarantee maximum safety, it is therefore essential to also consider the electrically insulating behavior of the housing. Also important is the toughness of the candidate material, an indispensable feature for assembly and installation.

The selection of Landa technicians fell on LATICONTHER 62 CP6/650-V0HF1, a refined thermoplastic compound based on PA6 reinforced with glass fibers, 65% filled with electrically insulating thermo-conductive ceramics thanks to which it can offer a thermal conductivity higher than 4 W/mK - more than twenty times higher than the base resin.

The material also offers UL94-V0 certified self-extinguishing properties thanks to a halogen and red phosphorus-free formulation with reduced environmental impact. Such an advanced formulation cannot disregard aesthetics and mouldability, two aspects taken care of by the company Macchiplast of Locate Varesino (CO), which took care of the state-of-the-art molding of the light fixtures.

Mira 65 and Lyras 65 rightly represent the perfect synthesis of an all-Italian synergy that completely crosses the value chain: from the raw material, to the transformation, to the realization of the finished product.

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