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Fully automatic injection molding line to manufacture sanitary seals

Fully automatic injection molding line to manufacture sanitary seals

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Schauenburg Industrietechnik based in Nuremberg makes seals for wall-mounted cisterns on a machine from the servo-hydraulic SmartPower series from WITTMANN BATTENFELD with special automation equipment.

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from the left: Ceyhun Halil, Production Manager of Plastics Injection Molding, Jaan Otsa,
Head of Plastics Injection Molding and Mold making at Schauenburg, Marcus Otto, WITTMANN
BATTENFELD Salesperson, Ralf Winter, COO of Schauenburg

The Schauenburg Industrietechnik Group is part of the Schauenburg International group of companies founded more than 100 years ago by Hans-Georg Schauenburg in Mühlheim / Ruhr, Germany and globally active today. Schauenburg Industrietechnik GmbH is operating in Germany with 150 associates at facilities located in Nuremberg, Bremen, Munich, Mühlheim, Stuttgart and the Rhein-Main Service Point. The company’s main customer base consists of machine manufacturers and the automotive sector, where primarily products for car interiors are made. But a major focus is also lying on projects for future-oriented sectors such as renewable energy generation.

Schauenburg Industrietechnik GmbH sees itself as a partner for its customers to supply technically sound, sustainable system solutions. The company is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard, and since July of this year also according to the environmental standard EN ISO 14001.

Schauenburg’s activities include hose technology, sealing technology, profile technology, molded rubber parts, etching and precision laser technology, as well as plastics injection molding. Its service portfolio ranges from consulting, engineering, design and prototyping all the way to series production and assembly manufacturing, as well as finishing and confectioning of parts.

In its injection molding department, parts with shot weights from 1 g to 600 g are manufactured on 25 machines ranging from 350 to 2,400 kN in clamping force. This includes processes such as 2-component injection molding, insert technology, galvanizing and printing of parts. Some of the machines make their products in continuous operation around the clock seven days a week. To make this 24/7 production compatible with a 5-day working week, automation of the injection molding systems is of paramount importance for Schauenburg.

The WITTMANN Group has been cooperating with Schauenburg Industrietechnik for many years in the areas of automation, materials handling and auxiliary appliances technology. In 2021, WITTMANN had the opportunity to offer Schauenburg a high-level automatic injection molding line to produce seals for wall-mounted cisterns. A system autonomy time of 16 hours was required for this equipment, as well as a minimal footprint. “An additional challenge here was the size of the parts to be handled”, explains Jaan Otsa, Department Manager of Plastics Injection Molding and Mold making. WITTMANN BATTENFELD won the contract with an overall concept consisting of a SmartPower 240/1330 servo-hydraulic injection molding machine equipped with special hosing for the application of hot and cold water to the mold, and an automation system with buffer storage for full and empty packaging units. The space taken up by the buffer store with a total storage capacity of 70 cartons on 10 levels is no more than 6 m². A lift axis takes care of handling the cartons.

Ralf Winter, COO of Schauenburg Industrietechnik, comments: “WITTMANN BATTENFELD is well versed in automation technology and designed a technical solution to meet our requirements which inspired us with great confidence.” Hans-Peter Niederwald, CEO, adds: “We were looking for a partner who was able to offer us a conclusive overall concept. WITTMANN BATTENFELD convinced us that they had the right solution.”

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