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To gain customer’s trust with quick-response service

To gain customer’s trust with quick-response service

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Sterk Plast, founded in 2000, is a leader of Romania plastic product industry with 16 years of experience in manufacturing household plastic products. The main products of Sterk Plast include basins, fruit trays, shoe racks, tubs, etc. From kitchen, bathroom to restaurant, garden, Sterk Plast’s products are everywhere.

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Since 2009, SterkPlast has started the production of industrial plastic containers, such as water storage tanks and oil tanks, to further expand its businesses in the plastic parts sector.

Today, Sterk Plast manufactures 30 million units of plastic products per year and operates in a plant of 14,000 square meters with 45 injection molding machines and 7 blowing machines. Because of excellent product quality and high production capacity, Sterk Plast has not only received support of a large number of customers, but also become Romania’s iconic company with products extensively delivered to domestic as well as overseas markets.

Over 200 product patents

A household plastic article is not only practical, but also decorative. Household articles with excellent design can make home more attractive. As the current world is overwhelmed by similar products and an increasing number of people are seeking exquisite and tasteful life, adding design elements to ordinary plastic materials becomes a manufacturer’s powerful weapon in the battle of market competition.

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Dedicated to the field of household plastics for years, Sterk Plast knows that very well. It keeps up with market demands, and develops different categories of products by making the best of properties and colors of plastic materials and combining soft lines, so that ordinary plastic products become more exquisite.

Because of the dedication to and innovation of products, Sterk Plast has obtained over 200 product patents, and it’s also certified by international systems such as ISO 2001: 2000, ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001: 2007. In 2014, Sterk Plast won Romania’s Creativity Trophy.

High-efficiency and excellent services

The household plastic products industry emphasizes on efficiency in mass production. Therefore, Sterk Plast is particularly concerned about the service efficiency of equipment manufacturer and stable performance of injection folding machine, as the production schedule and benefits will be adversely affected if the machine fails.

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In 2009, Sterk Plast started to work with Yizumi and purchased closed-loop variable-pump energy-saving series injection molding machines from Yizumi. Although Sterk Plast is thousands of miles away, Yizumi was able to respond to customer’s problems quickly and timely enhance the performance and efficiency of the machine as required. Since then, Sterk Plast has continued its cooperation with Yizumi.

In 2014, Sterk Plast purchased 12 sets of SM2 high-performance servo energy-saving series injection molding machines. As the power limit for industrial workshop in Romania was 1600kW, the total power used by Sterk Plast had almost reached the power limit before purchasing Yizumi injection molding machines and power failures often occurred due to tripping. Yizumi reconfigured the machine according to Sterk Plast’s electrical demand, and made the total power consumed by the workshop reduce to 1200kW, solving Sterk Plast’s problem in electricity use.

Now there are 26 units of Yizumi injection molding machines operating in Sterk Plast’s workshop, with clamping force ranging from 160T to 800T. These machines can produce infant tubs, basins, trash bins, fruit trays, shoe racks, oil barrels, chairs and other household items.

Sterk Plast’s official said, compared with other injection molding machine manufacturers, Yizumi had attached great importance to the voice of customer, reacted quickly in the process of communication and provided excellent after-sales services. Sterk Plast expressed strong willing of increasing cooperation with Yizumi in the future.

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