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Infusing new developmental vitality

Infusing new developmental vitality

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Since the initial collaboration in 2022, YIZUMI has established a strong partnership with JINHE Electrical and Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a leading electrical and plastic product manufacturer in Vietnam. This partnership has contributed significantly to achieving major breakthroughs in their business, infusing new developmental vitality into the Vietnamese manufacturing industry.


JINHE Electrical and Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

JINHE Electrical and Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as JINHE) is located in Bình Dương Province, Vietnam and it stands as a leading player in the Vietnamese plastics manufacturing sector and holds a significant position within the Vietnamese manufacturing market. As a tier-one supplier to the power tools industry giant TTI, JINHE has consistently dedicated efforts to enhance production efficiency and product quality. With the continuous expansion of the market scale, the pursuit of more advanced production equipment and technology, how to maintain business competitiveness and meet the ever-growing market demands, has become a crucial focus of JINHE's development.

Comprehensive Understanding of Customer Pain Points
In 2022, JINHE and YIZUMI embarked on a close collaboration. As the advanced industrial molding equipment system and service provider, YIZUMI provides its cutting-edge injection molding technology and extensive product experience. JINHE and YIZUMI conduct in-depth research into the development and prospects of the Vietnamese markets. This enabled YIZUMI to provide comprehensive injection molding solutions to JINHE, facilitating further strategic transformation and development for JINHE.

JINHE primarily manufactures handles, structural components, and exterior parts for electric tool products. During the production process, a significant proportion of glass fiber and other additives are incorporated into the products. This places heavy demands on the plasticization of the injection molding machine and the wear and corrosion resistance of the screw and barrel assembly. Additionally, many products involve overmolding production, requiring automation to achieve the embedding of inserts.

With establishment of new factory in Vietnam, JINHE has done one-time purchase of 20 units of high-performance and precision servo-driven A5 series injection molding machines from YIZUMI. These machines, ranging in tonnage from 90 to 320 tons, have been used for the production of electric tool products.

Facilitating Customer in Achieving Key Breakthroughs
A5 series injection molding machines offer high production efficiency. Equipped with a third-generation servo system, these machines operate with low noise, strong power, and quick response. Additionally, A5 series injection molding machines integrate intelligent production monitoring and quality control systems, optimizing the injection unit comprehensively. It improves JINHE to have more precise control over the production process, achieving both high efficiency and stability in manufacturing.

The significant enhancement of production efficiency.
JINHE has experienced a remarkable improvement in production efficiency through the utilization of YIZUMI advanced machines and intelligent manufacturing solutions. The level of automation on the production line has greatly increased, leading to a substantial reduction in production cycles and the full utilization of production capacity.

The steady improvement in product quality.
It is attributed to the intelligent production processes which have enabled more rigorous control and management of product quality. This has led to a significant enhancement in product consistency and stability. These advancements have not only elevated customer satisfaction but also bolstered JINHE's reputation within the Vietnamese market.

The further consolidation of local market share.
With the assistance of YIZUMI, JINHE has maintained a leading position in the local Vietnamese market, laying a solid foundation for future development. This not only provides a significant advantage in terms of product quality but also enhances the ability to adapt more flexibly to market changes.

Together Witnessing a New Chapter in Vietnamese Manufacturing
The deep collaboration between JINHE and YIZUMI is a pivotal step in furthering their development in the Vietnamese market. Leveraging its extensive industry experience and exceptional overall solution capabilities, YIZUMI has propelled JINHE's technological advancement in the production process.

Meanwhile, the deep cultivation and layout of YIZUMI in Vietnam ensures a high level of responsiveness and controllability in serving the local market, which reflects YIZUMI focus on the strategy of globalization. In Bình Dương, Vietnam, YIZUMI has established a technical service center and professional service team. This setup allows for prompt feedback and resolution of after-sales issues, making an increasing number of Vietnamese customers become significant long-term partners in YIZUMI's cooperative endeavors.

Based on rich experience in service, it provides comprehensive and high-quality professional services to accompany customers' machines throughout the entire process - from pre-sales consultation to on-site installation, regular post-sales inspections, spare parts distribution, and customer training. Leveraging its extensive service experience, YIZUMI ensures top-notch support for customers' machines.

The collaboration showcases YIZUMI's exceptional capabilities in the manufacturing industry and empowers new vitality and innovative momentum into the Vietnamese manufacturing sector. The shared pursuit of excellence contributes to the sustainable development of both sides. We look forward to creating even greater value for more customers in our future collaborations!

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