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AMRAZ is delighted with its new IML system

AMRAZ is delighted with its new IML system

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Arieh Zohar, Director of A. ZOHAR Ltd., the Israeli Agent of the WITTMANN Group.

Eitan Ben Shalom, Head of the AMRAZ IML Department (left), and Ya’akovi Schlosberg, the local Service Engineer of A. ZOHAR Ltd., in front of the AMRAZ IML sytem.

With two plants in Israel and one in Romania, AMRAZ keeps its position at the forefront of technological developments, marketing its products in over twenty countries around the globe. Now the highly respected manufacturer has just started-up a WITTMANN IML system in order to produce a food packaging item for the drinks industry.

Since 1939 AMRAZ has been at the forefront of the Israeli plastics industry. The company specializes in plastics packaging using a wide range of thermoplastic raw materials and an extensive array of advanced production methods.

AMRAZ provides its clients with complete technological solutions and offers the most advanced production methods, such as thin film injection molding, technical injection molding, co-extrusion, extrusion of multi-layer foils and multi-color striped foils, hot fill, in-mold labeling (IML) and much more. AMRAZ gives client service throughout the entire production process, from design and the engineering process, to packaging, palletizing, storing, shipping and logistics. The company's wide customer base includes leading local and international brands, such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestlé, Unilever, Danone, Yoplait, Ikea, Keter Plastics, Jaffora-Tavori, Prigat, Mei Eden, Neviot, Osem, Tnuva, Strauss, and many more. The AMRAZ headquarters are located in Rishon le Zion, the location of one of the Israeli plants.

AMRAZ is the largest IML-based packaging supplier in Israel. Most of the company's IML systems are producing parts for the food industry.

Picture left: View of the vision system display installed at AMRAZ, showing the inspection of the produced parts.
Picture right: Finished cups, stacked on a conveyor belt using a WITTMANN W818 robot.

Last year, AMRAZ purchased its first IML system from WITTMANN, a very sophisticated system that is able to produce complex parts. This system is producing a unique milkshake cup with a banderole label. At the end of the process the cup's top is sealed with an aluminum lid.
The IML label is inserted by a horizontal WITTMANN W837 robot that also removes the cups from a 4-cavity mold. A tilting arm takes the four cups from the horizontal robot and presents them to a transfer robot which then places the cups on the rotary table of the aluminum lid sealing machine.

A conveyor then transfers the cups from the lid sealing machine to a 5-camera vision control station. There, the sealing is checked by means of specially generated 360° 3D-monitored pictures. The vision system evaluates the accuracy of the banderole label positioning, and also checks if the labels have defects, and if the sealing has been done accurately, providing a full data display and data logging. Quality assured production is then transferred to an accumulation section where a WITTMANN W818 robot stacks the cups on a conveyor belt.
The whole system was very easily installed, running very smoothly from the beginning. Eitan Ben Shalom, the Head of the AMRAZ IML Department, expresses his entire satisfaction about the WITTMANN IML system by simply saying: "It's our best production line." And he emphasizes the remarkable support and service provided by A. ZOHAR, the local WITTMANN Group agent.

Recently, AMRAZ and WITTMANN agreed to extend their business cooperation – installing further IML systems in the future.

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