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Masterbatch offering targets electronics handling markets

Masterbatch offering targets electronics handling markets

News 20.03.2018

Modern Dispersions Inc., a leading global supplier of thermoplastic compounds and concentrates, will announce an expansion of its conductive masterbatch line for the electronics industry at the upcoming NPE2018 May 7-11 at the Orlando County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla. and at the AMI Conductive Plastics Conference March 20-21 in Pittsburgh. The two new conductive masterbatches are targeted for the electronics handling markets including applications such as large dunnage, totes, and pallets for the automotive and telecommunications industries.

“These new conductive masterbatches are specifically designed in response to customer demands and nicely complement our existing range of products,” said Jan Kozma, vice president of sales and marketing for Modern Dispersions.

Modern Dispersions’ PP-235 conductive PP masterbatch is designed for injection molded PP parts where electrostatic dissipative (ESD) properties are required. PP-235 is incorporated at 50%-60% loading levels with natural or mixed color PP resins for applications such as tote bins and electronics handling and storage parts.

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Meanwhile, Modern Dispersions has also launched CF-238, a universal conductive masterbatch designed for both extrusion and injection molding. ESD properties for injection and extrusion can be achieved with a 40%-50% dosage with a natural or recycled feed stream. Since it is a universal carrier-based masterbatch, CF-238 is compatible with a variety of polymer systems including olefins, PVC, and polylactic acid (PLA). Targeted applications include flexible films and tubing.

As part of its R&D work, Modern Dispersions is also exploring the development of masterbatches and compounds containing nanocarbons. PP-20GO is a developmental grade containing graphene oxide which is undergoing testing to assess certain property enhancement features including electrical and thermal conductivity, increased tensile strength, and improved barrier properties. The developmental grade is targeted for fibers and films.

Modern Dispersions will also showcase its extensive product portfolio including black masterbatches, wood-polymer composites (WPC), and color concentrates. The company has decades of experience in producing a wide variety of black masterbatches, concentrates, and compounds that provide superior UV protection, FDA compliance, high-jetness, blue-tone, high loadings, low-tint performance, and customizability.

In wood-polymer composites, Modern Dispersions offers custom formulating with loadings of PE-based WPC between 40%-50%. These composites can be natural or custom colored. Color concentrate and color compound products are designed to meet market demands and end-use requirements. Capabilities include improved batch-to-batch consistency and film grade organic and inorganic pigment dispersions. The company has extensive color and formulation expertise to deliver consistent products for automotive, construction, packaging, film, molded parts, and engineered plastics.

About Modern Dispersions Inc
Modern Dispersions, Inc. (MDI) is a leading thermoplastic compounder and concentrate maker based in Leominster, Mass. MDI is respected in the market for providing the best value and highest quality carbon black masterbatches, white concentrates, and specialty additive compounds. The company’s products are used to manufacture articles in many markets and provide broad-based performance in terms of UV protection, static dissipation, and extending product life. MDI products can be found in agricultural film, electrostatic dissipative housings used in electronic packaging, cell phones, fabrics, and household items. State-of-the art facilities are equipped with truck and rail logistics, enabling delivery of large-bulk purchases as well as less than truckload orders. In addition to its standard product portfolio, MDI works closely with customers to develop specialty proprietary grades.

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