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27. September - 01. October 2022
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Taipei, Taiwan
19. - 26. October 2022
Düsseldorf, Germany
01. - 05. February 2023
New Delhi, India
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Focal point: “smart production – solutions”

Focal point: “smart production – solutions”

News 17.04.2018

Solutions for digitalization and Industry 4.0 are of critical importance for plastics processors worldwide.Adherence to schedules, cost reduction and resource optimization are requirements that modern manufacturing companies have to face these days, in order to better survive in a world of digital upheaval. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) play a key role in the factory of the future.


“authentig” is the MESsolution for the plastics processing industry. More than 300 customers from the automotive industry, medical technology, electrical and packaging industry rely on the innovative industry solution of T.I.G. with over 10.000 networked injection molding, rubber and recycling machines.

“You can really sense the increasing interest in MES”, says Wolfgang Frohner, CEO of T.I.G. At the touch of a button, cockpits customized for specific industries give “authentig” MES users access to real-time productivity, delivery data and production quality information throughout the enterprise. By providing an optimal link between the ERP system and the production, “authentig” integrates all manufacturing-specific data in a single system and, as a result, drives measurable improvements in productivity, reducing the amount of scrap and enabling high-quality process documentation.

About T.I.G.
Technische Informationssysteme GmbH  develops and sells Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) worldwide and has

•    connected more than 10.000 injection moulding machines worldwide
•    7 of the top 10 automotive suppliers as customers

Founded over 20 years ago as a specialist for production machine networking, T.I.G. today is the industry leader in quality assurance and production optimization. T.I.G. sells and maintains “authentig” globally through offices in Rankweil, Vienna, Schwertberg, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Singapore. “authentig” is a modular software solution with many features specifically geared towards the needs of the plastics processing industry. More than 300 customers and all the big-name manufacturers of injection molding, rubber and recycling machines rely on the modern MESsolution from T.I.G.

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