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Dow addresses demand for sustainable products

Dow addresses demand for sustainable products

News 17.05.2018

The Dow Chemical Company’s Packaging and Specialty Plastics business (P&SP) showcased sustainable solutions from the packaging, adhesives, transportation, infrastructure and consumer market segments at Chinaplas 2018. Innovations were on display from April 24 to 27 in The National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai.

“China’s middle class is growing in numbers, in affluence, and in its commitment to sustainability,” said Bambang Candra, Asia Pacific commercial vice president of Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics. “For Dow and our partners across the value chain, our responsibility is not only to meet the demand in terms of volume and efficiency, but to do so with innovations that increase performance and productivity while reducing resource consumption and waste.”

Performance is a key enabler of Dow technologies for the production of lighter weight, recyclable and re-usable plastics. Aligned with the theme, “Together, We Deliver More,” products at Chinaplas was addressing sustainability trends in food and specialty packaging, industrial packaging, health and hygiene products, transportation, infrastructure and more.

Highlights included:
• Tenter Frame Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene (TF-BOPE) Film.  Recognized by the industry with a 2018 Ringier Technology Innovation Award, TF-BOPE film is a revolutionary alternative to traditional polyethylene (PE) film that takes the complexity out of recycling multi-layer packaging. TF-BOPE not only offers twice the impact resistance of traditional PE, and almost three times more puncture resistant, but also provides converters and brand-owners with an economical and functional alternative to expensive substrates, like BOPA.
• AGILITY™ EC Performance LDPE Resins. Specifically designed to allow for high coating speed at low gauges, AGILITY™ Resins offer remarkable adhesion, sealing and optical properties. They can be used in either single or co-extruded structures such as decor, lamination and sealant layers in a variety of flexible food, home and personal care packaging applications.
• Enhanced Expanded Polyethylene (EPE) Foam. Ideal for down gauging, Dow EPE Foam helps ecommerce providers save on space and transportation costs while lowering energy consumption and reducing the amount of packaging diverted to landfills.
In 2017, Dow EPE Foam was named an Innovation Technology Award winner at the inaugural China E-Commerce Packaging Pioneer Awards.
• INNATE™ Precision Packaging Resins. Offering excellent stiffness, toughness and processability, films made of INNATE™ Precision Packaging Resins reduce food and product waste from drop failures, leakage and general wear-and-tear in stand-up pouches, liquid container liners and heavy-duty laminates.
• ProtectionPlus: Collaboration with Newton Lab, this partnership is aimed at improving transportation safety in Asia through optimizing packaging on pallets and assisting value chain partners in making sure pallet packaging is safe, secure and more sustainable.
• Health & Hygiene: Fiber-grade resins improve comfort and fit for baby diapers, feminine hygiene and adult incontinence products through ultra-softness and cloth-like feel.
• Adhesives: Solventless and water-based adhesives for flexible packaging help converters and manufacturers address safety and sustainability, and comply with increasingly stringent laws and regulations regarding VOC emissions.
• Transportation: Thermoplastic olefin (TPO) and ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM) technologies help automotive manufacturers meet industry demand for light weighting, durability, safety and improved aesthetics.
• Footwear: Innovative ethylene copolymers and olefin block copolymers for footwear midsoles to enhance performance, automation, sustainability and fashion.
• Infrastructure: A broad product line of high performance ethylene copolymers and advanced elastomers deliver unique functionality across diverse infrastructure markets to deliver safer, stronger, more durable and efficient solutions.
• Photovoltaics (PV): Advanced Polyolefin Elastomers (POE) improve power output and performance of PV modules through POE-based encapsulant films that reduce cost and help safeguard energy generation over the lifetime of a PV system.
• Wire & Cable: Setting industry standards for efficiency across power and telecommunications, polymeric compounds help construct reliable, long-lasting wires, cables and cable accessories.

About Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics
Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics, a business unit of DowDuPont’s Materials Science division, combines core strengths of R&D, worldwide reach, broad product lines and industry expertise to deliver high performing technologies for end use markets in food packaging, personal hygiene, infrastructure, consumer goods and transportation. Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics is one of the world’s largest producers of polyethylene resins, specialty resins and adhesives, and is a leading innovator and collaborator across the value chain on sustainable application development and circular economy life-cycle design for plastics.

About Dow
The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) combines science and technology knowledge to develop premier materials science solutions that are essential to human progress. Dow has one of the strongest and broadest toolkits in the industry, with robust technology, asset integration, scale and competitive capabilities that enable it to address complex global issues. Dow’s market-driven, industry-leading portfolio of advanced materials, industrial intermediates, and plastics businesses deliver a broad range of differentiated technology-based products and solutions for customers in high-growth markets such as packaging, infrastructure, and consumer care. Dow is a subsidiary of DowDuPont, a holding company comprised of Dow and DuPont with the intent to form three strong, independent, publicly traded companies in agriculture, materials science and specialty sectors.

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