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11. - 13. August 2020
Guangzhou, China
25. - 27. August 2020
Moscow, Russia
09. - 13. September 2020
Taipei Plas
Taipei, Taiwan
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A new image for Chen Hsong at Chinaplas 2018

A new image for Chen Hsong at Chinaplas 2018

News 17.05.2018

Chen Hsong, one of world’s largest manufacturers of injection moulding machines, was celebrating 60 years of industry leadership at Chinaplas 2018. The company paid tribute to its illustrious six-decade history of accomplishments in machine manufacturing by launching a newly energized corporate identity that spotlights the ongoing commitment to innovation that will lead Chen Hsong into the future. Chinaplas was just the latest stop on Chen Hsong’s 60th anniversary celebration agenda. 2018 will see a range of customer meetings, technical seminars, open houses and other corporate activities, in addition to appearances at the world’s key trade shows.

New identity reinforces commitment to innovation and Industry 4.0
Moving aggressively to implement Industry 4.0, Chen Hsong has invested heavily in next generation production systems including IoT/Big Data, and AI in developing its iChen® System 4.0. Chen Hsong’s newly updated identity more effectively communicates the company’s strong commitment to world-class intelligent manufacturing and its innovative leadership position. The new brand image consists of bold, vibrant colours that emphasise Chen Hsong’score technology strengths while conveying a young, forward looking, energetic image. The new design is strong and clean, and exudes confidence in the technological expertise that has come to define Chen Hsong over the years.

The Chen Hsong booth at Chinaplas was treating visitors to exciting video presentations and striking visuals. In the centre of the booth, a large LED video wall was broadcasting videos telling the Chen Hsong story while separate LCD TV screens next to each product exhibit were showcasing the latest product information. The booth and all of the equipment in the booth were connected to a cloud-based data network offering seamless data capture, storage, retrieval and analytics, Kanban displays, and a demo of Chen Hsong’s Cloud IoT-ready solution: the iChen® System 4.0.

Innovative product line up
Chen Hsong maintains its leading position through the relentless pursuit of technological advancements, manufacturing innovations, no-compromise service levels and a single-minded pursuit for excellence. The company will feature the following line up of products at Chinaplas 2018:

JETMASTER MK6 – The JM398-MK6 servo machine will be on display showcasing the production of an ice bucket with IML. The MK6 is a high-speed, high-precision, super-stable hydraulic machine, with patented Precision Hydraulics® technology, capable of matching Japanese-standard machines in all key performance areas. Versatile across all industries and applications, and able to produce difficult parts that meet robust high performance requirements, the MK6 is a top seller with a repeat-order ratio of over 98%.

SUPERMASTER TP – Visitors were able to watch the SM700-TP servo two-platen machine producing a bar chair using MuCell® physical micro-foaming technology. The SM-TP series is equipped with Chen Hsong’s unique Non-Stop™ technology that guarantees very low unscheduled down time and extremely reliable operations day in and day out.

SPEED-PACK – The SPEED-PACK 398 ultra-high-speed servo machine was shown producing fast-food containers in less than 6 seconds. All SPEED models have ultra-high injection speeds (300-500mm/s) and very fast cycle times, ideal for a wide range of packaging applications.  

EASYMASTER PET – The EM320-PET servo machine was on display producing high-end PET preforms. The new EM-PET series encapsulates the Chen Hsong technical expertise and application know-how that have transformed PET preforms into a next-generation, superior product line that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

SUPERMASTER EJ – Visitors were able to watch the SM90-EJ all-electric machine producing high-end ultra-precise medical consumables.

SUPERMASTER SSR – The SM180SSR servo machine was shown producing notoriously difficult-to-make parts in SSR.

“Chen Hsong remains focused on high-precision and high-reliability technologies which we believe are our core competency and can bring the greatest, most immediate benefits to our industry and customers,” said Ms. Li Chiang, Chief Executive Officer of Chen Hsong. “We are also investing more in creating ‘smartness’ throughout our entire supply chain, as well as providing quicker, more personalized services to our customers by adapting AI technologies. We are committed to helping our customers be as efficient and cost-effective as possible.”

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