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ENGEL North America hosts Technology Symposium

News 21.12.2015

The event, being held January 13, 2016, will feature information on the latest trends and technologies in machinery, processing, molds, materials and more.


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ENGEL will host Technology Symposium 2016 at their Technical Center in Corona, CA on January 13th, 2016.

The event
The morning portion of this single day event will consist of comprehensive technical presentations on the latest innovations in equipment, molds, materials, and decorative surface technologies. Presentations will be given by ENGEL specialists Markus Lettau, Joachim Kragl and Wolfgang Degwerth on trends including smart manufacturing, machine embedded intelligence, and Industry 4.0, including the potential of ENGEL inject 4.0 -- possibilities for networking, systematic data utilization and the use of intelligent assistance systems – and the many products, technologies and services ENGEL already has available to leverage it.

The event will also include presentations by several industry experts. Scott Larson, Founder and COO of Zomazz, will speak on the Digital Revolution of IMD, Sherman McGinnis, Sales Manager Injection Molds of Boucherie, will cover 21st Century Mold Concepts for Improved Quality & High Output, while Umar Latif, Technical Service Manager of Bluestar Silicones will discuss LSR Select: A Novel Technology for Optimizing LSR Molding. The presentations will be followed by an on-site networking luncheon.

The afternoon program will include a showcase of several ENGEL molding systems, demonstrating some of the most recent developments in equipment and technologies for injection molding, as well as a Partner Fair providing the opportunity to speak to the presenters to gather additional insight and information, network with peers, and talk to the experts.  

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ENGEL smart manufacturing cell, producing bursting discs for 1-ml safety syringes, is setting new standards in consistent GMP-compliant clean room production with the new stainless steel pipe distributor (left) and gripper housing (right).

Machine Displays
The following systems will be showcased at the Symposium:

A smart manufacturing cell, including an ENGEL e-mac 310/105 US and ENGEL viper 12 linear robot, will be producing bursting discs for 1-ml safety syringes, with a shot weight of just 0.08 g per part, in a 16-cavity mold by Fostag Formenbau AG. The filigree polystyrene parts are designed with a predetermined breaking point that makes it impossible to re-use disposable syringes, which is an important safety feature. The very thin and different wall thicknesses require extremely precise process control. Too high a clamping force, or fluctuations in the melt volume, immediately leads to rejects. To prevent this, two software solutions from the iQ product family by ENGEL are used. One of them is iQ weight control, which automatically detects fluctuations in the melt volume and material viscosity and compensates for them in the same shot. The other is iQ clamp control, the new ENGEL software, which continuously adjusts the clamping force to match the current process parameters based on the mold breathing.

csm ENGEL e-mac 50 300dpi 7ca8d74f1a

An all-electric ENGEL e-mac 310/105 US machine, executed for liquid silicone molding, will run a four cavity duck bill mold with in-mold slitting.

A second all-electric ENGEL e-mac 310/105 US machine – this one executed for liquid silicone molding -- will run a four cavity duck bill mold with in-mold slitting provided by M.R. Mold & Engineering Corp.. The liquid silicone molding cell includes a dosing system by ELMET Elastomere Production and Service GmbH, with molding material supplied by Bluestar Silicones.

Demonstrating in-mold decorating, an ENGEL victory 330/85 spex US will be equipped with an ENGEL viper 6 robot and a single cavity mold with digital in-mold decoration from ZoMazz, Inc. ZoMazz’s digital in-mold decoration technology (D-IMD) provides infinite graphic variation, speed to market, and scalability at any production volume. The technology integrates seamlessly into existing IMD and IML injection-molding production lines, and allows graphic changes with a minimum of incremental cost or time.

Additional injection molding systems will also be running during the event.

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