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Industry 4 0 and a broad range of machines

Industry 4 0 and a broad range of machines

News 28.06.2018

At the coming DKT 2018, REP will show its range of rubber injection moulding machines as well as the state-of-the art REP Net 4.0 software, which meets Industry 4.0 requirements. Visitors will have the opportunity to see 2x160T vertical presses, the G10 V410Y10 Core and the G10 V410Y10 Extended.

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Introduced in 2016, the G10 Core is a range of injection moulding presses dedicated to customers looking for lean solutions for their less demanding processes. These machines, available with clamping forces from 160T to 500T are accessible to all budgets and meet the lean manufacturing requirements for standard processes without particular complexity while granting the quality, reliability and performance associated with REP.

Featured as REP’s performance range, the Extended presses include injection moulding machines from 40T up to 1,000T. In line with REP’s long-standing tradition, these presses are ultra-performing, user-configurable, flexible and upgradable to meet future production needs throughout their lifetime. The focus of the G10 Extended is on hi-tech processes, high production rates, automated environments and dual-compound processes.

REP will also display the latest version of its Rep Net 4.0 software, which is asupervision software programused to connect presses to a centralized data system. This user-friendly, flexible and fully customizable system runs on Windows. It can be used to check the process quality in real time, centralize the mould settings, retrace the production schedule and improve parts quality through Statistical Process Control tools.

As a pioneer in its field, REP has been offering solutions aiming at press networking and process data collection since 1986. As a result, REP Net 4.0 is the only software of its kind offering the possibility to network brand new presses as well as existing onesdating backas far as 1986.

With this extensive range of presses and state-of-the art Industry 4.0 software to connect them, REP offers a solution to all customer needs.

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