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Moulded sundaes at the Taipei Plas 2018

Moulded sundaes at the Taipei Plas 2018

News 28.06.2018

When the Taipei Plas 2018 exhibition opens its doors from 15th to 19th August in Taipei / Taiwan, elegant two-component sundaes will be produced on two of the three BOY Injection Moulding Machines. At the booth of the Taiwanese BOY representation Asia Gatekeeper Commerce Co., Ltd., a BOY 100 E produces the elegant sundaes in the first step. A separate injection unit BOY 2C XS produces right afterwards the inner part of the sundae in the same mould. The finished sundaes can then be filled with delicious ice cream directly at the exhibition booth. During the five-day fair a third BOY exhibit, a BOY XS with a clamping force of 100 kN, produces small plastic spoons, with which the refreshments can be optimally consumed.


BOY 100 E with the additional injection unit


"Our representation Asia Gatekeeper has established itself on the Taiwanese market for several years," reports Wolfgang Schmidt, BOY Export Manager, and adds: "For BOY, Taiwan is one of the key markets, which are characterized by high requirements in terms of reliability and longevity. BOY has firmly established itself in the market with its compact and robust Injection Moulding Machines. The combination of a BOY 100 E and a 2C XS, with which the production of the 2K-part was made without conversion in just one mould and with one machine, shows that increasingly automated applications are in demand in addition to the standard machines. "
BOY and its Taiwanese representation are expecting that the Taipei Plas is as euphoric as it was at the time of the gold rush, when the many gold miners had a much larger shovel in their hands ...

About Dr. Boy
Dr. Boy GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of injection moulding machines with clamping forces up to 1,000 kN. The very compact, durable machines work precise, energy-saving and therefore highly economical. BOY continually sets new standards in our industry with innovative concepts and solutions. Since the company was founded in 1968 nearly 50,000 Injection Moulding Machines have been delivered worldwide. The privately owned company continues to put special emphasis on engineered performance and high-class "made in Germany" workmanship.

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