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BOY to showcase at the MSV in Czech Republic

BOY to showcase at the MSV in Czech Republic

News 08.08.2018


The German machine manufacturer BOY will present a fully automated production plant for the manufacturing of bottle spouts at the booth of its representative 1.PLASTCOMPANY, spol. s.r.o. at the International Engineering Fair MSV in Brno/Czech Republic, that will take place from 1st to 5th October, 2018.


A BOY 60 E - equipped with the energy-saving EconPlast technology - produces the basic body from a highly transparent NAS in a first step. In a second step, the integrated injection unit BOY 2C S overmoulds two sealing lips for an optimum seal seat of the bottle spout. Since an index-mould is used for this highly technical application, the part can be manufactured in one mould. The BOY developed handling device LR 5 removes the parts from the mould and places them on a conveyor belt. The BOY designed industrial linear robot impresses with perfect positioning accuracies and high traversing speeds of the linear axes.

A BOY XXS (63 kN clamping force) complements the appearance of BOY at the MSV. The new bench-top machine impresses with its flexibility and quick operational readiness. Mounted on a practical base frame with integrated cooling unit, the BOY XXS designed as a desktop injection molding machine only needs a power connection. Designed for continuous industrial operation, the BOY XXS provides numerous equipment possibilities and also offers a decentralized gating with a 25 mm movable injection unit.


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