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A great exhibition for Negri Bossi

A great exhibition for Negri Bossi

News 16.08.2018

PLAST, held in Milan every three years, is one of the world’s most important plastics exhibitions. Being on home soil Negri Bossi always puts on a great show and the 2018 event was no exception.

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Negri Bossi Booth at PLAST 2018

Negri Bossi chose the venue to launch two significant events. The first initiative was a completely new corporate brand for the business, which included updating their 70 years old logo, creating new mission statements and introducing new stationery and brochures as part of completely new brand guidelines.

The second major event was the launch of the NOVA range of machi- nes. The new range incorporates NOVA sT, NOVA iT and NOVA eT.

A NOVA s700T machine was on display moulding a 2kg Minipallet incorporating our FMC technology. FMC is a technique of moulding with gas (nitrogen in microcellular form) which reduces the weight of the product and eliminates aesthetic defects.

The NOVA sT range of machines, available in the range 700 to 1150 tonnes are aimed specifically at the Automotive, White Goods, Construction and Technical Moulding markets. NOVA sT incorporates a new and upgraded clamp unit and injection unit combining versatility, compactness and control. In line with Negri Bossi’s philosophy energy efficiency was at the forefront of the design consideration, incorporating the very latest servo-pump technology, purpose built for injection moulding applications.

The first ‘True’ Multi Touch controller is installed on both the NOVA sT and NOVA iT range. The system features an innovative gesture navigation system incorporating swipe, scroll and zoom functions. A patent pending Virtual Object controls axis movement, based on gesture orientation with smart phone familiarity.

Screenshot 1

NOVA sT machine

Three NOVA eT all electric machines completed the collection of NOVA machines on display. The NOVA eT range are aimed at the Packaging, Closure, Medical and Optical moulding sectors. An 80-tonne model fitted with a 35 mm barrier screw ran a two impression 29g PP (MFI10) mould in a 12 second cycle time. A 180-tonne model produced an eight-impression coffee capsule in a 4.8 second cycle. The material was a special low viscosity PBT ULTRADUR, developed specifically for packaging applications. The third NOVA eT machine with 280 tonnes clamp force was moulding a 16-impression closure in a 14 second cycle time. Automation by Negri Bossi sister company Sytrama, collected and closed the parts within the cycle.

The Industry 4.0 display area was also particularly popular, where customers could see the latest developments achieved through collaboration with Negri Bossi various partners.

The exhibition was a great success with companies from all over the globe joining us on the stand. The markets are clearly buoyant as all the visitors were full of confidence. A significant number of new projects were discussed with Negri Bossi team, presenting a very optimistic outlook for the future.

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