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Large edge gate in-mould cutting components

Large edge gate in-mould cutting components

News 20.09.2018

Moulds incorporating plastic parts that are fed with an edge gate tend to be separated from the moulding after the moulding is ejected as a secondary operation.

Screenshot 4

The new components from Almo are designed to be fixed in the mould between the part cavity and the runner and will cut the gate during the mould opening sequence.

The components are designed to provide a large edge gate entry. They are supplied in 2 formats – a range of pins with a cutting edge and a range of sprue bushes with a cutting edge.

The components are made from M2 HSS 62 HRC. Almo provides metric and inch sizes as well as downloads of the 3D model files.

About Almo
Almo is a UK manufacturer of mould components.
ALMO designs and manufactures new and innovative mould components suited for steel mould making. ALMO is known in the mould making industry for supplying quality, precision machined aluminium mould bases for the past 30 years.

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