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Thin-walled in mold labeling applications

Thin-walled in mold labeling applications

News 27.09.2018

With improved quality of life, thin-wall injection molded products such as fast food containers, milk-tea cups and aviation cups have been widely used in different sectors. With the improvement of processing technology, the demand of molds precision is increasing as well. Thus injection molding machines should have higher pressure and speed. Accuracy is the guarantee, and high efficiency and stability are the key points for injection molding machines. Yizumi PAC series of thin-wall high-speed injection molding machine has fast injection speed and high stability. It can be equipped with controllers from GEFRAN, Mirle, Keba and other manufacturers. PAC series machine has such advantages as synchronous plasticizing, closed-loop control of high-pressure injection, and robot forward motion parallel to mold opening.  

Yizumi PAC200 high-speed injection molding machine which is equipped with the independently developed four-cavity mold is capable of producing 180ML in-mold labeled cups in a 3 second cycle with high stability. The product has a wall thickness of 0.36mm and weighs 6.5g. The mold adopts air ejection and needle-valve type hot runner, which is electrically controlled and has high accuracy. The whole thin-wall injection molding system has been showcased in the exhibitions in Shanghai, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. and recognized by a large number of customers home and abroad.

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