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Waldorf Technik at Fakuma 2018

Waldorf Technik at Fakuma 2018

News 01.11.2018

From 16 to 20 October, Waldorf Technik was exhibiting at the Fakuma exhibition in Friedrichshafen together with other companies of the Hahn Group. This year Waldorf Technik was focusing on the subject of "Space-saving production of pipette tips" and was demonstrating the patented Vario TIP® FSS automation system at the Sumitomo Demag booth. With 32 cavities, pipette tips are produced in a world’s best cycle time of only 4.5 seconds.

Waldorf Technik was presenting its automation capabilities on a fully electric Sumitomo (SHI) Demag injection molding line: With its streamlined design, the system opens the market to the MedTec injection molding sector in new performance classes and keeps space requirements in the clean room low.

As part of the injection molding process, the automation solution developed by Waldorf Technik takes 32 pipette tips out of the mold and places groups of 96 pipette tips into cavity sorted areas where every 18 seconds 96 pipette tips are ejected from the production cell, which is encapsulated as a clean room cell.

Waldorf Technik's Vario TIP® is the patented and world-leading system concept for the production of items such as pipette tips, cuvettes or reagent tubes. All these products are laboratory consumables with high quality requirements and the need for cavity sorting in the packaging unit to ensure delivery reliability in each case.

According to Christian Boos, Head of Engineering and Project management, the multi-year development time for the system Vario TIP® FSS has paid off.

He draws a thoroughly positive conclusion: "With its narrow structure, the Vario TIP® FSS system opens the market to MedTec injection molders in new performance classes without requiring more clean room space. The system is flexible for different part geometries and can sort up to 128 parts according to cavities and process them in packaging units."

Waldorf Technik also continues to operate in the packaging sector. Core competencies here are projects from the industry of IML packaging with short cycle times. In mold Labeling is an integral part of today's world of packaging, and with the pressure for a cost-effective flexible solution of this decoration process the Waldorf Technik solutions are very appealing for a variety of print images.

Waldorf Technik once again sets new standards in the field of automation for laboratory consumables.

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