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Braskem launches first polyethylene resin for rotomolding

Braskem launches first polyethylene resin for rotomolding

News 13.12.2018

Creating innovative and sustainable solutions to meet clients' needs is one of Braskem's guiding principles, and to serve markets with more demanding technical and quality requirements, the company has launched the first polyethylene resin grade of the Maxio family, HDPE HD4601U, which supports higher productivity and savings on inputs.


With high strength and durability, the HD4601U resin is designed to meet the needs of clients serving the construction/infrastructure and agriculture sectors, with applications in water cisterns, large tanks, manholes and agricultural machinery that requires high mechanical strength.

The new resin enables converters to run their rotomolding processes at faster rates than similar resins, resulting in lower energy consumption and higher productivity.

The Maxio line is formed by resins that support lower energy consumption, higher productivity and lower final product weights, which in turn ensures higher efficiency and consequently environmental gains. These benefits are thanks to the constant evolution in Braskem's resins to maintain or enhance the mechanical, chemical and optical properties of the finished goods. The new resin is yet another example confirming Braskem's purpose of improving people's lives through sustainable solutions in chemistry and plastics.

In the opinion of a rotomolding expert on Braskem's Application Engineering team, tests showed that the new grade resulted in a 7% to 10% reduction in the production cycle time of each part and annual savings on the consumption of natural gas of around R$130,000 and of electricity of 1,600 kWh, along with a reduction in CO2 emissions of over 130 tons (actual data).

"With the resin's development in new applications, we identified with our clients potential productivity and savings gains in the process, while maintaining its excellent balance between stiffness and impact strength in large parts and aligned with the concept of the Maxio family," said Eliomar Pimenta, an application engineer in Braskem's rotomolding segment.

"Braskem is bringing to the market a resin with already known properties that meets high performance demands, but now it also offers clients operating efficiency gains and lower environmental impacts," said Fabiano Zanatta, head of rotomolding sales at Braskem.

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