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Interview with head of Yizumi India

Interview with head of Yizumi India

News 20.12.2018

With the gradual landing of the globalization strategy, YIZUMI is opening up a new pattern in the global equipment manufacturing field. In 2017, Yizumi's overseas market continued to grow steadily, with annual sales accounting for nearly 20%. The potential of overseas markets has gradually begun to emerge, and YIZUMI India plays an increasingly important role.


The first machine was delivered in less than a month after the official launch, and the 100th injection molding machine was successfully put into operation in the first year of the YIZUMI India, the sales in the first half of 2018 exceeded 23 million yuan... Yizumi India is developing really well. Ramesh's enthusiasm: "One hundred sets of machines in one year, Yizumi India should be the first injection molding machine manufacturer in India to achieve this result. I think this is a good start."

Ramesh Varadan is an engineer and has worked for well-known European companies and trained in Europe. Mr. Ramesh holds a Masters in Plastics Engineering and a Master of Business Administration; he has over 20 years of experience in the services, sales, marketing and management of the Indian injection molding industry.

Because of his European background, knowing the technology and knowing the market, Ramesh received a lot of invitations when he decided to start a company, but he finally chose Yizumi: "I have visited several factories which did not leave me very good impressions. When I approached YIZUMI, I was very much impressed by their professionalism and honesty. The moment I visited their plant, it was a great surprise to see the facility similar to an European company and at that moment I have decided to go with Yizumi, thanks for the YIZUMI management for the opportunity."


In addition, Yizumi's globalization strategy is also a major factor in attracting Ramesh: "YIZUMI is a listed company with very professional management and they have a clear vision. Yizumi acquired HPM and established a research and development center in Germany. Using the industry-renowned German expertise, as well as the opinions of my international friends in the industry and the praise of our customers, I made the decision to cooperate with YIZUMI."

With Ramesh joining, the formation and commissioning of the Yizumi India factory naturally came to fruition. Ramesh said: "we have young and dynamic team and the key members of the team is following with me for many years they have great bonding and mutual understanding  with each other. Having associated with me for many years they are well aware of my expectations and it easy to work with them. Through our network it was not very difficult for us to build the team quickly." At the same time, Yizumi India implements China-Indian integration management, combines existing management concepts and methods with Indian culture, and manages the Yizumi India factory with innovative thinking.

To succeed in the Indian market, a deep understanding of the needs of the market and local customers is the only way. As a developing market, India is highly price sensitive – customers are demanding quality products with competitive prices. Previously, although many Chinese companies sold a lot of machines in the Indian market, the price was cheap but the quality was not good enough. The entire Indian press market was in a vicious competition.

With the lessons learned, Indian customers are gradually realizing that they need more value for money than the low cost.


The 100th customer of Yizumi India was CJ Polytech. As a well-known home appliance company in southern India, CJ Polytech mainly produces parts for household appliances such as refrigerators, TV, air conditioners, etc. CJ Polytech is Tier 1 one supplier for one of the top Korean home appliances manufacturer. However, taking this order is not always easy. "When we first approached the customer for meeting they simply rejected that they do not want to go for another Chinese company. But after several meeting about various technical discussions we have invited the TOP management to our factory to evaluate the mc. Once they seen the mc with the built quality and dry run, they said they will buy one mc and evaluate the performance and based on the performance they will buy future mcs. Thanks to the YIZUMI-HPM quality and performance, the customer was very happy and now we have delivered almost 10 machines to them and their suppliers. He also helps us to get into other Vendors."

"CJ Ploytech is very important customer for us in South, his feedback is enabling us to penetrate more market."

The Indian market demand for injection molding machines is mainly from the automotive industry. The Indian government plans to build the automotive industry into a major driving force for “Made in India” initiative. According to the Auto Mission Plan (AMP) 2016-26, the passenger vehicles market is to triple to 9.4 million units by 2026. Ramesh said: "The Future is very prospective for YIUMI INDIA. The market is growing but we hardly have 4 to 5 branded manufacturers in India, hence there is an ample space to expand our business."

Yizumi India implements the YIZUMI-HPM dual-brand strategy, carefully selecting products and specifications for the Indian market, and adding specific configurations for Indian customers to perfectly suit local customer needs. In the early stage, the Yizumi India factory mainly produced SM series and A5 series injection molding machines of 650 tons and below, and gradually extended to large two-platen injection molding machines. The products were positioned as high-end products in the Indian market with energy saving, high efficiency and stability. Ramesh said: "At this moment only 2 companies are producing the two-platen machines, there is a void in the local manufacturing whereas Yizumi can fill the gap with our two-platen technology."

In addition, YIZUMI India's localized customer service and the service system of the headquarters are effectively docked, and can also provide customers with more professional and timely services. Ramesh pointed out: "It may be easy to sell first  machine but the next machine  customer has to buy, what makes them buy is our commitment, quality & performance of the machine and prompt after-sales service, I think we made a good start."

When it comes to the future goals of the company, Ramesh is very confident: "We have set a very challenging goal – to be one of the TOP 5 of the Indian injection molding machine manufacturers within three years, and TOP 3 within four to five years.”

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