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Westfall Technik’s new acquisition

Westfall Technik’s new acquisition

News 10.01.2019

Westfall Technik Inc. has recently acquired Mold Hotrunner Solutions Inc. (“MHS”), a leading supplier of high-performance melt delivery systems for the global injection molding industry.

MHS M3-Micro-Injection-Molding-Machine

New M3 series injection molding cells position Westfall as a leading manufacturer of micro parts

The addition of MHS further strengthens the comprehensive manufacturing capabilities being assembled across the fast-growing Westfall portfolio. Westfall Technik’s strategy is to combine core competencies across an international group of companies in order to provide highly efficient, highly productive manufacturing solutions to serve the medical, packaging, and consumer goods market spaces.

MHS specializes in valve gate hot runner technology for precision plastic parts, with applications ranging from extremely small parts the size of a salt grain to shot weights of 400 lbs and more. The company distinguishes itself with best-in-class engineering support for molders and mold makers and its ability to innovate through continuous research and development.

Recently, MHS introduced a new line of injection molding machines that revolutionize the way micro-sized plastic parts are manufactured. The M3 series features patented technology to manufacture these parts without scrap, dramatically reducing the cost of medical device production when utilizing expensive resins. This technology gives Westfall a considerable competitive advantage over other contract manufacturers of medical devices and high-volume precision parts.

“The M3 really caught our attention at NPE 2018. We were excited to discover the possibilities of this new micro molding approach. Keeping ahead of critical industry needs, such as miniaturization, is very important in our business. Also, the next generation valve gate technology MHS offers for high-cavitation systems and other high-end molds is in a class of its own, outperforming anything that’s out there. Everything combined, it’s a perfect strategic fit for our platform and our customers will see the clear advantages from day one.” – Brian Jones, CEO at Westfall Technik.

As part of the Westfall family, MHS will be able to more quickly scale up its manufacturing capabilities, integrate its products into the various turn-key automation systems throughout the organization, and grow its footprint by delivering its innovative, high-end hot runner solutions to more customers in more markets.

“We’re very proud to be joining forces with such an experienced and passionate team of plastics experts. What Westfall is building is truly remarkable and unlike anything I’ve seen in my long career in this industry. Their vision is unique and compelling and makes perfect sense. We’re very excited to be a part of this.” – Harald Schmidt, President of MHS.

About MHS
MHS was founded by Harald Schmidt and his team in 2002 with the goal to simplify and improve valve gate hot runner technology for the future of fully automated production and Industry 4.0. The result is a complete portfolio of high-performance hot runner solutions that can be found in some of today’s most productive, high-quality molding operations. The hot runner company has a diverse customer base in markets such as medical, packaging, automotive, electronics and consumer goods.

About Westfall Technik
Westfall Technik is a new global holding company which provides highly-productive plastics manufacturing solutions to medical, consumer packaging and consumer goods industries. Westfall Technik’s competitive advantages include modern automated systems, correlative molding processes, and effective industry 4.0 concepts. The results for brand owners include high quality, excellent value, fast response for shorter time-to-market, 100% inspection and traceability from pellet to pallet and beyond, supply chain security compliance, and reliability from a team you can trust.

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