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Sharing cutting-edge automotive development trends

Sharing cutting-edge automotive development trends

News 10.01.2019

WINTEC Open House & New Technology in Automotive Injection Molding Symposium was held in Changzhou on December 14, 2018, and it was themed "In-Depth Industry Experts Share Insights of Automotive Development Trends, to Enhance Your Injection Molding Technology", and attended by about 300 industry practitioners.

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Mr. Michael Feltes, President Sales & Service of ENGEL Machinery (Changzhou) Co. Ltd. (WINTEC), said in his opening address that, they have held their WITNEC Open House event annually for three years and have seen the number of present guests increasing year by year. Taking the advantage of this event, the company has been able to gather the elite industry professionals to discuss the development trends of automobile industry, while demonstrating the advanced manufacturing technologies of our factory.

At the event, industry experts from ENGEL, WINTEC, Continental, Fangzheng and iPlast 4.0, with vivid and passionate speeches, shared with the audience the prospects of automobile industry and advice about future layout of injection molding industry.

1. Jiang Hongchun, Continental Automotive Interior Co., Ltd.

Speech Theme: Seamless Display Surfaces – Features for a better Driving Experience

Jiang Hongchun said in his speech that consumer electronics is showing an increasingly significant influence on HMI of automobiles. It has become a major trend for larger, curved and integrated dashboard display screens. Jiang Hongchun shared Continental AG's concepts of future products, including innovative integrated control center, integrated vehicle electronic platform. The future seamless display will also require more from materials. By replacing glass with plastics manufactured through IMD and IML processes, design flexibility will be increased and high-quality automobile electronic display panels will be manufactured in a economically efficient way, in order to realize a better human-machine interaction experience and bring consumers comfort and fun in driving.

2. Simon Liu, ENGEL Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Speech Theme: Highly Efficient and Innovative Technologies Supporting Future Automotive Needs

Simon Liu introduced that ENGEL provides cost optimization solution for turnkey system (machine, process and automation) to respond flexibly to every customer's needs. Simon Liu shared in detail the application of ENGEL's lightweight technologies to injection molding, thermoplastics based Composite Technologies, Composite Technologies based on reactive Resins, Sheet Molding Compound (SMC), Injection Molding of thick walled lenses, and IQ Products which can provide the highest process stability for customers.

3. Kevin Wang, ENGEL Machinery (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. (WINTEC)

Speech Theme: Efficiency and Stability - Foundation of Injection Molding Industry Automation

ENGEL began its dual brands strategy and established subsidiary brand WINTEC in Changzhou in 2014. Currently both high-end and low-end markets are quite sizable, while the middle-end market still has a large growth space, and WINTEC represents ENGEL's deployment in the middle-end market. With the expectation of doubling the existing production area, ENGEL Changzhou Factory Phase II project commenced in November, 2018. ENGEL Group has developed the two-tier industry automation strategies to embrace Industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025: for enterprises with a high automation level, Inject 4.0 solution is offered for comprehensive factory automation; for enterprises with a low automation level, WINTEC equipment is provided to lay a solid foundation for subsequent comprehensive automation. WINTEC product line includes t-win hydraulic injection molding machine and e-win all electric injection molding machine, mainly for applications in automobiles, white home appliances and technical molding. Kevin Wang explained the features such as efficiency, stability, energy-saving and intelligence of WINTEC machines with various facts and data.

4. Li Hengqing, Fangzheng Tool Co., Ltd.

Speech Theme: Intelligent manufacturing with the trend

Li Hengqing from Fangzheng Tool Co., Ltd. shared Fangzheng Tool's technologies and capabilities in auto molds manufacturing, as well as the progresses they have made in automation and intelligent manufacturing. The company offers customers turnkey project solutions in respect of technological R&D, auto mold manufacturing, non-standard production line and auto parts manufacturing (Tier 2 Supplier). Currently, new-energy automobile and UGV are creating a profound impact on the entire automobile industry. With respect to the automobile industry development trend in the future 10 years, Li Hengqing said that hybrid power, lightweight, automatic driving, supply chain reform, new competitors, internet of vehicles, turning to emerging markets, are all essential elements.
5. Chen Wenqi, iPlast 4.0

Speech Theme: The First Step Toward Inject 4.0

Chen Wenqi made a vivid interpretation of the four industry revolutions and profoundly analyzed the significance of Industry 4.0. He said that Industry 4.0 can integrate local manufacturing by automation and digitalization and combine such strengths as high quality, low cost and short lead time. The future injection molding industry will promote business growth by Inject 4.0 diagnosis, drafting strategic blueprint, establishing plant within plant, optimizing human resources and operating efficiency. Chen Wenqi also stressed that, to embrace Industry 4.0, the leading persons in enterprise development are also essential, because intelligent persons come first before intelligent manufacturing.

After the workshop, present guests visited WINTEC Factory and got a firsthand impression of the efficiency and stability of WINTEC injection molding machine. In the constant-temperature plant of Changzhou Factory, demonstrated are the advanced European management concepts and high-precision machining equipment, as well as China's only automatic assembly line of injection molding machine integrated with SAP management system, for whole-process monitoring. These are strong guarantees of WINTEC injection molding machine's high quality.

The event came to an end with a group photo shooting. WINTEC expects to help more enterprises grasp the future development trends and enhance their injection molding technologies.

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