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Yizumi and Frimo signs cooperation agreement

Yizumi and Frimo signs cooperation agreement

News 28.02.2019

Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. and one of the world's leading technological manufacturers Frimo from Germany signed a cooperation agreement on the "Combination technology Injection Molding plus PU Technology" project. The two parties will carry out long-term cooperation on this project and provide customers with holistic solutions.


YIZUMI CEO Richard Yan and Frimo CEO Dr. Christof Bonsch

In the trend of automotive industry's lightweight and surface effects upgrade, YIZUMI cooperated with the German Frimo Group in developing and marketing of a process for the inline combination of thermoplastic components with PU surfaces.

It will be mainly used in automotive interior parts such as instrument panels, door panels, A/B/C/D columns, etc. to enhance the appearance and quality of automotive interior parts and to provide customers with efficient, innovative, technologically advanced molding solutions and new breakthroughs.

Frimo is headquartered in Germany, with 12 branches/subsidiaries worldwide, including a mold and equipment manufacturing base in Shanghai. With more than 40 years of professional experience, Frimo specializes in the development and manufacture of high quality plastic component production equipment for a wide range of applications. Its mold and equipment technology has been used by many automotive manufacturers and system suppliers around the world, as well as other customers from plastics processing industries. Frimo is a world leader in the development of system solutions for the production of high quality composite parts.


In recent years, YIZUMI has been committed to connecting China and advanced molding technology of Europe, striving to transform from a Chinese equipment manufacturer to an international advanced technology solutions provider.

This "Injection Molding + PU Processing Combination Technology" project, which was launched in cooperation with Frimo is planned to exhibit at this year's Chinaplas, K 2019 and other domestic and international exhibitions, showcasing automotive decorative functional parts upgrade solutions to customers at home and abroad, so stay tuned!

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