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Combining quality and machinability

Combining quality and machinability

News 11.04.2019

Demand for stainless steel plastic moulds is on the rise. Deutsche Edelstahlwerke (DEW) has put together a package of all-stainless materials especially for the requirements of industry. The company from the SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group will be explaining its properties and applications at Moulding Expo, which will be held in Stuttgart from 21 to 24 May.

Plastic bottles, yoghurt pots, car seats or syringes: these everyday products have more in common with each other than just their main component – plastic: almost every plastic product has its origin in a mould or tool made of stainless tool steel. The trend in plastic mould construction is toward moulds made entirely of stainless tool steel. However, mould makers can often only machine stainless steels for their purposes with high machining costs. DEW has developed three stainless tool steels for various areas of application in order to meet both the increasing quality demands of industry and the requirements of machinability in the long term.

This "All Stainless Concept" consists of the materials Formadur 2083 Superclean, Formadur PH X Superclean and Corroplast. All three steels are corrosion-resistant, hard and at the same time easy to machine. In addition, each material shines in its own right with further positive properties.
Highly versatile: Formadur 2083 Superclean
Formadur 2083 Superclean impresses with its excellent wear resistance and polishability. In addition, the steel is very tough and easy to machine. Despite its very good corrosion properties, the all-rounder can be textured. Formadur 2083 Superclean is suitable for injection moulding, compression moulding and extrusion in plastics processing.

Polishable and acid-resistant: Formadur PH X Superclean
Formadur PH X Superclean combines strength and toughness and is the first choice in terms of polishability. The steel also impresses in terms of weldability because it contains a low carbon content. Due to its extremely high resistance, Formadur PH X Superclean is particularly suitable for processing plastics such as PVC or aminoplasts, as the moulds often have to struggle with acid deposition.
Easy to machine and yet extremely robust: Corroplast
Corroplast is characterised by a unique balance between very good machinability and consistently good corrosion behaviour. The properties of the steel are adjusted precisely according to the requirements with a targeted metallurgical treatment for sulphur distribution and heat treatment. The main areas of application for Corroplast are base plates, structural parts and plastic moulds.

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