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Strack Norma to take part in Moulding Expo

Strack Norma to take part in Moulding Expo

News 08.05.2019

Strack Norma, one of the leading standard part suppliers in Europe is showing its new centering elements for injection moulding- and die casting tools and its extensive range of products of innovative and standardized solutions for the tool- and mould making from 21st to 24th May in Stuttgart. Visitors to the fair can seek advice concerning the new products and the assortment at Strack Norma booth.

Centering unit Z55 for improved part quality thanks to high precision tool guidance
Strack Norma has especially designed the new angular centering unit Z55 to center mould halves in modern and high-precision tools even more finely. This works over four surfaces through which Z55 can be incorporated into the tool by means of a precision-milled, square pocket and can thus be exactly positioned. The tool works accurately and produces flat mould contours without misalignment. The centering unit Z55can be placed in the tool via the center axis to compensate different heat expansions in the both mould halves. They are screwed either from the parting plane or the back of the mould plates. Thanks to the two-sided threads in the fixing holes, the centering unit Z55 can easily be dismounted in the case of maintenance. It is available in five dimensions from 20 to 50 mm for different mould sizes so that it can optimally absorb the forces in each case. With the new centering unit Z55 Strack Norma complements itsalready existing, extensive range of centering units with numerous different dimensions.

DLC-coated centering units Z500 and Z501 convince with their flat design and reduce maintenance costs
Also the new exterior flat centering units Z500-Z501 provide for a precise mould cantering. They can be screwed to the outside of the mould and thus increase the active area for the constructing engineer in the tool. Available in 6 dimensions and in a narrow design, they maintain the plate stability and can easily be dismounted even with closed tools. The DLC-coat, a diamond-like layer of carbon, is applied to moving components such as the centering pins or the guide rod. Thus, it extends the maintenance intervals at unlubricated components, increases the service life and provides for a high scratch- and wear resistance of the surface. In addition it reduces the corrosion tendency and guarantees a homogeneous layer thickness. Maintenance costs can thus be reduced by up to 80 per cent with DLC-coated components. This is especially required for medicine- and clean-room technology. Z500 und Z501 are available in multiple dimensions.

Centering sleeves Z811 with space-saving design
With the new centering sleeves Z811 Strack Norma presents a product series that can be used to center elements and to position them free of play. Its space saving design increases the processing area and an integrated extraction thread allows an easy dismounting. The centering sleeves Z811 are available up to a diameter of 54mm and are therefore also suitable for the absorption of higher lateral forces. The alternative for the proven cylinder pins is introduced in the same axis as the screw machining.

About Strack Norma
Strack Norma GmbH & Co. KG develops and produces with more than 150 employees standard parts for the tool- and mould construction and supplies them all over the world. Founded in the 1920s in Ludenscheid, the family-owned business belongs today to the leading standard part suppliers in Europe. The claim THINK. TECH. STRACK. describes the unique selling proposition of the company: THINK stands for its innovative developments for the tool- and mould construction, TECH stands for the customer-specific special productions, product modifications and individual solutions and STRACK stands for the wide range of standard products. Strack Norma owns patents on innovations such as in the product fields standard cams, and latch locks.

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