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From the simulation analysis to the molded part

From the simulation analysis to the molded part

News 23.05.2019

HRSflow is proud to present newly implemented software for the FLEXflow Control Unit. The controller, provided with updated features, allows users to convert data of any filling simulation performed by HRSflow into data that can be preset automatically in the control unit and also in the injection molding machine. The operator thus obtains ideal settings that perfectly match the simulation software, minimizing set-up times during the try out. The result is a real benefit in terms of cost, time and high-quality part performance.

1905161629130 position time 01 350x250

Example of new pin profile

The new application has been developed to easily allow the direct upload of the ideal receipt from the simulation software to the controller through a simple memory stick. All the nozzle opening and closing data sequenced during the injection phase are quickly available to give the operator all necessary settings.

The software detects and automatically sets the total number and names of the nozzles, including the open and close trigger types and values, the opening/closing profiles and, if necessary, the warning alarms detected during the import procedure.

Proven to deliver precision, control and reliability, the new FLEXflow Control Unit Software ensures performance without compromise: maximum reliability of the process, optimization of machine and mold set-up time, simplification of the operator’s work, no useless waste of plastics material, 100% compliance to customer needs and FLEXflow benefits that can be realized immediately.

This new version can be implemented in all existing FLEXflow control units currently using the last hardware version released in 2017 without any technical effort from the customer side. The update can be easily done also through remote control.  Every already existing recipe will be automatically translated into the new profile and will be totally compatible with the previous one without any adjustments.

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